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Fred and Gunn Frage

Whatever happened to Gunn and Fred's relationship? The last thing that happened between them was when Wesley and Fred kissed and then Fred sagte she shouldn't have let it happen... and after that, nothing. It was like they never existed together.

 HMKOlovesBTVS posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Fred and Gunn Antwort

The3rdL said:
I know talk about loose ends....Fred later tries to make up with him in the episode Release but afterwards its like the writers wanted them to forget about each other instantly. They never even had them speak oder have any scenes from that point on. BAD Schreiben when Fain and Craft tookover
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Yeah it's really weird... I hate it when they do this. I've noticed a lot of loose ends in Angel – Jäger der Finsternis that would never have happened on Buffy. It's a shame, really.
HMKOlovesBTVS posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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