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vino22 posted on Jan 04, 2011 at 02:34PM
Hi whoever, I started writing this on the day Frank died and got back to it about this time last year and finished it. It's been siting around doing nothing since so I thought I'd post it so that some might get some pleasure from it. Hope it works for you. Have a good year. Bye bye.


Frank Sinatra died today
May 14th, 1998
of the many very good around
they say that HE was GREAT

he left school to pursue his art
by 1935 he had his start
joined the Tommy Dorsey Band in '39
with radio, movies, hits. What a time!

the smooth, continuous tone
of Dorsey's classy playing
was, Frank said, the direction
in which his style was lying

in '42 he went solo
to challenge Bing
and to see if he
could become The King

yes, the world stage, now
is where Frank would prance
and, do you believe it folks
he could sing and dance

he had a demon in his belly
enormous personal drive
and, if you take it from his daughter
he never, ever lied

eighteen albums in the fifties
most of which are classics
in a style loved by millions
be they serious or romantics

Elvis, then The Beatles came
but still you'd hear Frank's name
yet more albums and awards
the live shows; you should've heard ‘em applaud

and, of course, the many movies
where he also left them floored
along with countless Grammy's
you can add the Academy Award

over a quarter billion records sold
around the globe in every land
and a Hall Of Fame inductee
both for Jazz and Big Band

he wrote songs too and painted
he even conducted an orchestra
generous to friends and strangers
what a man was Frank Sinatra

they say that with his phrasing
he gave old songs new life
preserved his countries greatest
be they tales of love or strife

he performed till he was eighty
over sixty years; his great career
acclaimed 'The Entertainer Of The Century'
for many more he'll bring a cheer

he knew his time was coming
but he said that didn't scare
"...Everybody I ever knew
is already over there."

he will not be forgotten
'The Chairman of the Board'
of that
He can rest assured

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr HousesCane said…
Oh, that is lovely.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr sinatrathevoice said…
Waw these lines are amazing and very pretty..
Vor mehr als einem Jahr sinatrathevoice said…
I love this song very much.