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Oscar and Angela make their relationship official, but the Guys not agreeing so. So Milo tries to convince Oscar to Go on a Guys Night Out with him And the Guys. What can go wrong?
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I hate Bea so much! This is why I hate her so badly!!


She's dramatic! She always like to be a movie star, she's a drama Queen ! She had always been like "Hey, that's my line!" like in the "Banned Band" episode!


She's too emotional.
"Ugh! Milo! This is smart! We even plan the whole thing!"

Her emotional personality bugs me every time I watch fisch Hooks!

3.She's too full of herself

She's full of herself, it looks to me like she cares only about herself and she doesn't care about anyone else.
She had always been the character I hate!

I Liebe Shellsea!
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Bea:I cant believe I didn't get the part on fishbowl my Favorit Zeigen of all times I would have been perfect playing Bella!
Oscar:Don't worry bea im sure you'll get the Weiter part!
Milo:Yea I mean it's not like it's the biggest and bestest thing on earth!
Bea:(Burst out crying)
Bea:Im going Home I'll see Du guys Monday.
(swims to her tank)
Oscar:Poor Bea.
Milo:I don't get what the big deal is it's one part sheesh!

IN BEA'S TANK........

Bea:Uggg this was the part I would just.....well die for!!!!
????:Hey kid I can help ya out.
Bea:Who's there!....I will call the cods!
(a fisch swims out of...
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This was like my Favorit part of fisch Prom.... It was so cute!<3 I was like Awwing the whole time & crying.
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