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posted by Eula2003
Chapter 1:
Fionna, Marshall Lee, Prince Gumball, Flame Prince and Ice Queen are playing Truth oder Dare in Fionna`s room, Suddenly Flame Prince quit at the game because Flame Queen oder his Mother call him in the telephone, She say Flame Prince have a datum to the other Flame. Then they continue their Truth oder Dare;
Fionna: Ok Gumball, It`s your turn now!
Gumball: Ok, Ice Queen, Truth oder Dare?
Ice Queen: Truth.
Gumball: Ok! Do Du Liebe Marshall Lee?
Ice Queen didn`t answer so Gumball hold Ice Queen`s hands and he start Karate in Ice Queen`s hands.
Ice Queen: Ouch Gumball, Stop it!
Gumball: Ok
Fionna: It`s...
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posted by Eula2003
Chapter 4:
Marshall Lee walks at the market at the morning, he saw Marylyn buying fruits;
Marshall Lee: Hey Marylyn, how are you?
Marylyn: Marshall Lee? You’re my childhood friend right?
Marshall Lee: Yup, Du don`t forgot me!
Marylyn: Of course and I`m fine!
Fionna: Marshall Lee!
Marshall Lee: Hey!
Fionna: Who`s this?
Marshall Lee: That`s Marylyn, she my child haube friend Fionna!
Marylyn: Hello, nice to meet you!
Fionna: Hello Marylyn? Anyway I am going now!
Marshall Lee: Ok! Hey Marylyn, Come on in my house, princess vampire!
Marylyn: ok and thanks a lot!
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posted by bratzdolly11
Logan remembers the Tag his mom and dad brought Home Hayden from the Hospital

It was on a beautiful Summer day,Logan was inside playing with his Favorit toy truck as his Uncle Finn watched on the couch a few feet away.It was a red pickup truck,the first toy truck he ever had.

He was racing it all over the carpeted floor of their Home with Finn racing after him with a police car,His shrieks of pure joy filled the entire room.

Hours later Logan sat down on the floor,his gaze completely fixed on 'Spongebob'.Uncle Finn was in the küche whipping up some sandwich for both of them to eat.

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posted by Eula2003
Chapter 2:
Ice Queen: Hey Fionna, I`m hungry!
Fionna: Ok? Wait a minute; I’m going to get the foods.
Marshall Lee: Ok, Let`s Continue! Gumball, truth oder Dare?
Gumball: Dare! I always choose Dare.
Marshall Lee: Hug the door.
Gumball: What! But if Fionna`s open the door and she saw me, she think I`M CRAZY! But I do!
Fionna: Here`s your foods, snacks and drinks!, Gumball? Are Du crazy?
Gumball: Huh! NO, No I`m, This is Marshall Lee`s request right Marshall Lee?
Marshall Lee: Nope, that`s not my request!
Fionna: Anyway, Let`s eat first!
Ice Queen: Delicious! I like it Fionna!
Gumball: Hey, I have an idea! Let`s make Friendship oder Liebe Quotes!
Fionna: I agree!
Ice Queen: Me too!
Marshall Lee: Nah!
Fionna: Marshall Lee!
Marshall Lee: Ok, Ok, Ok!

Author`s note: =] =] =] =] =] =] =]
Hi! Do Du like this chapter?sorre if it's so short Click and post your comment! I will wait for it!
hope Du like it
Marshal Lee stood there Von the window, shocked to see the Fionna was standing behind him.
"Hey Marshal!" She answered to his stunned face.
"What are Du doing here?" Marshal asked.
Fionna just laughed and smiled. "I live here! This is mine and Cake's house!"
Not that she mentioned it, it did look familiar… "Wait…" he began asking. "What am I doing here?"
"O, I was walking across the field when I saw some lump sitting in the middle of the grass. When I got closer, I saw it was a hemd, shirt with a bat underneath it. I suspected it was you." She laughed at the thought of seeing Marshal asleep under...
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posted by Eula2003
Ch. 1

Fiona upper kicked the thief right under his jaw.

“Ah!” The thief groaned in pain.

“Fiona he’s getting away!” Cake yelled gesturing at a fourth bandit that was running for the hills, Cake herself couldn’t go after him since she had her long extended hands around
two bandits.

“Don’t worry Cake, he won’t get away. Not on my watch!” Looking at the thief she had just kicked and making sure he would stay down with another kick to the stomach. “Stay down if Du know what’s good for you.” And with that she took off after the fourth thief.

“Come back here Frog-thief!”...
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posted by cas_kitten
‘Knock knock!’ says a female voice behind Marshall Lee’s door. Puzzled, he looks up from his juicy red erdbeere and floats over to the door. ‘Who is it?’ he asks ‘Its me, Du dweeb!’ replys the voice. Marshal Lee smiles to himself. There’s only one person he knows that would talk to him like that. He opens the door wide open and says causally ‘Oh Hey Fionna’ his dark black eyes locking into her cool blue ones. ‘Heya Marsh’ she says ‘What’s with all the stuff?’ asks Marshall pointing to her backpack, surprisingly filled with stuff. ‘Oh what, this? Umm.. well...
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Marshal Lee flew through the early afternoon air, umbrella in hand and his bag and axe bass slung over his shoulder. He never looked up, down oder sideways. He kept his eyes forward, his face without a single trace of emotion on his face. "Did I pass it?" Marshal thought. "I should have seen it Von now…" As if Von cue, a mass of land came in through the clearing. He slowed down as he came closer to the mass and landed once he saw a sign. The sign was old and withered with age. Marshal traced the surface and was able to interpret the writing. "Star Hill." He barely whispered. "I finally made it."...
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posted by fangirl51397
"Crap. I didn't think the sun would be rising right now," sagte Marshal Lee as he turned his head towards the horizon. He had been flying all night and was heading for his house in the water caves. "That stupid rock slide in Blue Rock Pass stalled me and broke my umbrella. Maybe I can find a place to sleep til night." Marshal mumbled to himself. He stopped in the air and scanned the field. He then spotted on shady baum in the distance. "Perfect." He sagte as he quickly flew towards it. As he got closer, the baum seemed a lot smaller that he thought. He knew he didn't have time to be picky and...
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"What do Du want mortal?" Marshal's mom asked in an irritated tone.
"uh.." Fionna was having trouble talking to her, considering the last time they met; Fionna had stabbed her and sent her back to the Nightosphere. "I have something to ask you."
Marshal's mom crossed her arms and raised her eyebrow. "Like what, exactly?"
Fionna gestured into the küche and sat down at the table. Marshal's mother did the same. "I'm not really sure how to, well, phrase this but…"
"Just say it and stop wasting my time." Marshal's mother spat.
"I'm worried about Marshal!" Fionna suddenly exclaimed. Her words echoed...
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Marshal was alone in the living room at Fionna and Cake's house. It was the middle of the night, and he was wide awake. He had tried playing with Beema, but she was tired too. He just sat on the couch, wondering how much longer it would take for morning to come. He looked at his bandaged arm and smiled to himself. Fionna was careful so she wouldn't hurt him. She let him stay in her house until he got better. She cared about him. He felt guilty for not being with her as she got older. She wasn't that naïve little 13 year-old girl anymore, she was a mature 17 year-old young lady. She was always...
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posted by Eula2003
Ch. 2

She couldn't get her eyes open. Maybe it was to the fact that she had a massive headache and her brain wasn't working properly. Her head pounded with its own heartbeat which seemed to be located just behind her ears.

"C-cake," she croaked in a sand-papery sounding voice. "Cake," she tried again which did sound just a tad bit better. "I t-think...I m-might have boo." she slurred in between words.

"You want cake? Are Du hungry for cake?"

She couldn't be sure, but she thought she heard a guy's voice. An unfamiliar male voice that sounded right above her.

Her eyes shot open which required...
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posted by Eula2003
Marshall Lee: Ok, Ok, Ok!
They start their new game while they eating their snacks.
Fionna: I`m first, Weiter is Marshall Lee, Weiter is Ice Queen, and the last is Gumball! Ok!
Marshall Lee: Let`s Start!
Fionna: Friendship is like a Diamond, I feel so lucky to have found a friend as precious as you!
Marshall Lee: I`m next! Here`s mine: so many memories, so many stupid fights, So many inside Jokes and the craziness night, everything crazy that I do, Always seems to happen, when i`m with you!
Ice Queen: Nice, so mine is True friends, are never apart, Maybe in distance, But not in heart.
Gumball: I`m next!...
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