Fictional Boyfriends Do Du and your fbf have a song?

Pick one:
Yes! Of course we do! And it&# 39; s totally meant for...
Yes! Of course we do! And it's totally meant for us!
Not yet; I&# 39; m still looking.
Not yet; I'm still looking.
Yes... I wrote it.
Yes...I wrote it.
No. That&# 39; s a little over the top, don&# 39; t Du think?
No. That's a little over the top, don't Du think?
I haven&# 39; t think about that!!!!
I haven't think about that!!!!
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Hmm I don&# 39; t, Good Idea!
Hmm I don't, Good Idea!
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 MadamOcta13 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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