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 Steve wins the pinball tournament
Steve wins the pinball tournament
Steve: Well folks, this really has been an amazing adventure! I got to defeat Voltaire in person, saved my neighbors' baby, and got me a girlfriend. Well, now that it's all over, let's go play some pinball!
Curtain opens revealing arcade and cast. Steve approaches Cirqus Voltaire pinball machine.
Josh: She's all yours Steve. Good luck!
Steve: Thanks Josh! (plays pinball)
Cast: C'mon Steve! Du can do it! Alright! Win this game!
Steve: Alright! I got all nine marvels! Now to Mitmachen the circus! Almost there! (Shoots) Yes!
Cast cheers
Machine: Welcome to the circus! We need your skills. Spell CIRQUS!
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Scene 1-Party Area

Rico: Du OK?
Tressa had fallen down. She stood up with anger.
Tressa: I told Du “NO KABOOM!” ! *points Rico and Kaitlyn*
Kaitlyn: It wasn’t our fault.
Tressa: I can’t hear anything. *after a few seconds* Okay, my hearing is back.
Nia: Look, something is burning!!!
Monique extinguished the fire. They all looked the camera which had burned.
Kowalski: This camera must have controlled Von someone to explode.
“Someone who will kill you.” Tressa heard the whisper and looked around to find where it came from. “Say bye to your friends.” Emma realized Tressa.
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Are y'all ready to see this movie? Also, aren't they sooooo cute as hatchlings???
What the Titel says :D looks all James Bond-ish. XD
james bond b)
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Jane Rizzoli spotted a man step out of a taxi and nearly walk into a woman rolling a baby carriage.
The man caught her staring so she turned away.

"Jane?" asked Maura, jarring her out of thoughts.
"Wha-? oh, sorry, Maura, I was thinking."
"About that cute man who stepped out of the cab?"
"No! And don't Du think, Maura, that after your LAST boyfriend, you'd be a bit Mehr careful about who Du think is cute? What does he have in TWO suitcases? Severed body parts?"
" Ha! I'm careful!"
"Like Du were careful about the psycho who gave Du a severed hand encased in plaster?"
"Good point."
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