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posted by VeeTruLxi
Zufällig Moments
1. Don’t Go *Future*
“Don’t go.”
Chip turned and saw his best friend Davy staring at him with a pleading look in his eyes. Chip winced under the stare.
Davy continued to stare at him. “I know Du want to go, I know, and…I understand…”
Chip gave Davy a funny look.
Davy tried to think of something quick to not seem like a baby. “And I uh, um…Well, you’ll come back, I guess…So…” Davy put out his paw to shake Chip’s wing. “Bye…”
Chip stared at Davy’s outstretched paw. “Dude, Du think I’m going to migrate?”
“Um, well uh…”
“And a handshake...
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Dave sat at the tiki bar at the lemur habitat habitat while drinking smoothies and telling jokes with Rico, Private, Mort, and Maurice. Julian wasn't around so that meant it was safe, sicher for Dave to be there without being constantly annoyed. While in the middle of a conversation with the penguins and Maurice; Skipper, Kowalski, and Marlene entered the habitat. Dave spotted them and waved them over.

"Hey fellas, Marlene over here. How are Du all doing?" Dave asked as he took another drink of smoothie.

Skipper waddled over to Dave and said, "Hello Dave. I have another Frage for Du if Du don't...
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    Lexii was relaxing on the bamboo lawnchair in the lemur habitat, enjoying the balmy day. She closed her eyes and folded her snowy white paws across her stomache. Such a peaceful day.
  "Leeeexxxiiiii!!!!!!!!" Mort yelled as he jumped onto the lawnchair. Lexii half-opened one eye and looked at mort. So much for a peacefull day. Mort sat on her ankles and smiled. "Leeeexxxiiiii!!!! Can we play hide and seek?????? Im bored!" Mort batted his huge eyes at her. Lexii smiled and scooped him up into her arms and tickled his tummy. "Sure Mort! Mabey we can get Julien and Maurice to play too."...
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posted by stlouisfan
The Weiter few hours for Dave were worse than being stuck in the crate. At least in the kiste he was just uncomfortable. Now in the vet's office he was uncomfortable and going through pain. Not only did Dave require a couple of shots, but the vet also needed to extract blood from him. He also needed a check-up to make sure he was healthy. And to oben, nach oben everything off Dave was quite sure that the vet was a little sadistic. After everything was done, Alice placed Dave into a pet carrier and carried him off to the otter habitat.

It was late afternoon and the crowds had gone Home for the day. At least...
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posted by stlouisfan
Even though he had been in the kiste for just an hour, it had felt Mehr like ten hours for Dave. All he could do was sit there and wait for something to happen. What would happen? Dave didn't know. He didn't know what would come up. Despite his kiste situation Dave could only think of one thing and that was of his sister. Would he ever see her again and would ever get to meet his future niece oder nephew? But above all the only big Frage he had was whether oder not he oder his sister would ever be human again.

Dave was starting to doze when he heard some voices coming from outside the crate. Could...
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