fairy tail chapter 502 (warning spoiler)

Authored by galelove101

in chapter 502 natsu and lucy gets captered an the tumer in natsu witch was reduce to small its gonna awaken end that's right natsu is end set all that aside guvia survives thx to wendy (^~^) oh yea news flash grey gotta beat end so u know what that means (*0*) natsu and grey gonna battle it out to the death who will win natsu or grey (*_*#)/ this is gonna be interesting don't u think


natsu vs grey

natsu he has about a 45% chance of beating grey im saying that because if he goes in to his devil form yes grey has a devil form it happened in tourtus ark anyway lets not get into detail on that mabe next time

grey has about a 55% chance cause he has juvia in his blood (ik don't sound right but read chapter 499 you'll see) so he has a lot of power in him because he thinks juvia still dead :( but she isn't go watch chapter 501-502 youll see but yea that's all