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Blaze_of_Ares posted on Apr 28, 2012 at 02:28AM
You must make your own and cannot use the original characters.
1.Minimize cussing
2.Don't make your character too strong
3.No killing of other people's character
4.You can only have one character, if you wanna change, kill off your character and make a new one.
5.You can use original characters, to talk to or fight or etc, but make sure it's what they would really say and do what they really do.

Now, to make a wizard just tell us the following:




Place of living-





Pet[pets count as a member of Fairy Tail](optional)-


Any other things you would like us to know-

You can make your own kind of magic or use the original.
Makarov is DEAD. Yeah, we did a 5 years time skip. Mirajane is Guild Master


Blaze Phoenix(me)
Tierra Blanchett(temari101)
Saara Silverkin(Jennifer0)
Ginger the Exceed[pet](Jennifer0)
Alyss NightShade(Okuni)
Alek "The Monster" Valentine(AceDarkwolf17)
Seimon Kagnos(TheAdventGhost)
Omen Redcliff(wolfmaster3000)
Raion the lion Exceed[pet](wolfmaster3000)
Nami wingslayer(natcy08)
Black Leopard[pet](natcy08)
Blade Panther(GGMist)
Verdict the Exceed(GGMist)
Miyuki IceFyre(musicxgirl18)
Sasuke Uchiha(Sasuke106)
Rikku Caster(MyBlueDragon)
Ace the falcon[pet](MyBlueDragon)
Lily Cross(Animated_Heart)
Kiki the wolf[pet](Animated_Heart)
Chazz Fay(Jupiter305)
Shinji Elion(mcterra)
Ciel Taramaru(Gray-Dragneel)
Kai Hitaru(Gray-Dragneel)

Take your jobs here: link
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Spiake said…
My Wizard Hazza Crush on Lyon and is dating him
Vor mehr als einem Jahr neomyoc21 said…
.." .
Vor mehr als einem Jahr WrathfulAngel said…
Name - Orie Soriyu
Age - 17
Place of Living - Strawberry Street, Magnolia
Magic - Magic Dragon Slayer
Weapon - Whip
Appearance - Light Blue Hair, Dark Blue Eyes, pale skin, short is 5'3
Personality - easily angered, cheerful, carefree
Pet - A little pink exceed
Boyfriend - Natsu Dragneel
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Greninja__ said…
Name: Greninja Dragneel/Natsus Brother
Age: 19
Magic: Wind
Place Of Living: Lucy's Neighbor
Wepons: A Long Sword Which Holds My Wind Magic And Its Red
Appearance: Blue Hair Blue Eyes Wears A Scarf And Wheres No Shoes
Birthdate: March 10th
Pets: Blue The Exeecd
Girlfriend: Erza Scarlet
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Horofox6 said…
Shadow- Wendy why don't we go welcome the newbies
Wendy- K!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr king5020 said…
Age 19
Plant magic
Weapon whip
Appearance - tall and slender has short black hair brown eyes and
Has a bad burn on his left arm
Clothing- usually wears large brown cloak clothes underneath vary
And always wears his fathers gloves
Personality shy prefers to do solo missons doesn't like wasteing money
On unimportant things .
No pets
No girlfriend or boyfriend
Backstory his mother died when he was young and he lived with his
Until his village burn down leaving a bad burn on his arm and only
Leavening his dad gloves behind
Vor mehr als einem Jahr neomyoc21 said…
Name-Irene sun
Magic-ice dragon slayer and dark magic
Weapon-elemental sword
Appearance-brown hair,blue eyes,not very tall,wears armor just a chest plate with blue long sleeves shirt

A Black skirt and black leggings,has a blue bow on the back of her head
,and high knee boots

Personality-kind,quiet,very experienced with her magic
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr king5020 said…
Zayne goes on his first misson alone the job clear out so raiders
Vor mehr als einem Jahr neomyoc21 said…
Irene-*sigh* **she sat down and began to sharpen her elemental sword
Vor mehr als einem Jahr king5020 said…
Zayne- returns hoping to do a more challenging job but doesn't find
So goes to drink
DroopyLippy commented…
*you can hear melting lily screaming at gildarts that crash magic is a 'cheap' magic and how he doesn't deserve to be the strongest* Vor mehr als einem Jahr
king5020 commented…
Zayne goes to see why they are arguing Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr king5020 said…
While walking down he falls down the stairs from being a bit Tipsy
And ends up hurting his foot
Vor mehr als einem Jahr MikeMcFear97 said…
Name- Mike Dragneel (one of Natsu's brothers)

Age- 18

Magic- Dragon slayer magic - fire (also raised by Igneel) as have power to withstand heal wounds and illnesses including motion sickness sometimes.

Weapons - He has a massive scythe that can transform into a sniper rifle! It is called "Crescent Dragon" (RWBY)

Appearance- He has short, Light brown spikey hair. Similar to Natsu's. He has blue/green eyes, a.muscular body,like Natsu's and Gray's bodies.

Personality- Vengeful, full of hatred, adventurous but is a good person beyond all his anger. He can relate to Natsu since they are both dragon slayers and both have similar character.

Birthday- August 9th X767

Blood type- Positive O

Pet - Stitchy - like happy, with a high pitch voice but green.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend- Single. But fancies Erza Scarlet.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Warriorgirl360 said…
Name: Luna Stream

Gender: Female

Age: 19 years old

Magic: Dragon slayer magic (Moonlight) 3rd Generation

Place of living: When she was small, she live in a cave with a female moonlight dragon (Mizuki), her twin sister (Celestia, a 3rd Generation Sunlight dragon slayer) and a male sunlight dragon (Haruki). Now, she is living in an apartment with her best friend, Zoey Frozenclaw (3rd Generation Ice dragon slayer).

Weapons: She usually fights with her sword,Moon Dawn before she fights with her magic. But when the enemy is to strong, she will fight with her sword and magic at the same time.

Appearance: She has messy medium silver hair. She ties her hair in a ponytail (not twin tail). she wears a suit just like Lucy from Adolas but dark blue in colour. There is a bit of silver lining on her clothes. On top of that, she wears a cloak that has a hoodie just like future Lucy's one but with a diffrent design. She usually wears something that is dark coloured. Example: her gown, nightwear. She wears a boot that is silver in colour.

Personality: She is quite, mature and little bit rude. She rarely talks and when people tries to provoke her, she usually ignore them. Only her best friend, Zoey Frozenclaw and Erza Scarlet has talk to her. She is an introvert. She always blushes when someone do good things to her.

Birthday: 15th February

Pets: Wolfia, her exceed. She usually tries to cheer Luna up when she is down. She always reminds Luna to be positive and always have a great time. She loves spagetti a lot.

Boyfriend: None, but she has a crush on Rogue Cheney.

Guild: Sabertooth (on her right arm and navy blue in colour)

Best friends: Zoey Frozenclaw and Erza Scarlet

Favourite food: Chicken wings

Favorite drinks: All type of tea. She hate drinking beer.

History: Luna live with her rich family in a mansion. Her parents always love her twin sister better than her. She usually will get ignored and not been fed well. In kindergarten, she only friends with a boy named Rex. One day, her parents left the house with her twin sister to move in a bigger mansion out of town. Luna was left alone. Everynight, she will look outside the window to admire the night sky. She thinks that night is better than day. One night, a dragon was flying in the night sky. Luna was just admiring the dragon then suddenly, the dragon fell down in front on the mansion. She look at the dragon and saw a big scar on her wings. she quickly grab medicine and stuff needed for the scar. after that, the dragon thank her and ask a question on who is she living with in that mansion. Luna answers with a sad face that her parent left her all alone in that mansion.The dragon which is named Mizuki, felt bad and adopted her. She also taught her moonlight dragon slayer magic. Mizuki and one male dragon named Haruki are best friends. Even though they are not married (idk if a dragon can marry or not...), Luna love calling them mom and dad. 7 years past, Luna still lives with Haruki and Mizuki in a cave. She really misses her only friend, Rex. One afternoon, Luna saw a familiar figure in front of her. She was shocked to see that it was her twin sister, Celestia. Celestia suddenly huged Luna with a crying face and told her that some kind of assasians killed our parents when they were on a holiday. Luckily, Celestia escaped. she run and run without knowing where to go. Then, she found Luna. Luna bring her to 'mom and dad'. They pitty her and adopt her too. Haruki taught Celestia sunrise dragon slayer magic. And that one day, lacrima was added in Luna and Celestia. So, they become 3rd Generation dragon slayers.

Likes: dark places, being alone and night time.

Dislike: croud, loud people and people remembering her past.

Vor mehr als einem Jahr OtakuGirlGrace6 said…
Name: Niki Merlin

Age: 13

Magic: 1st Generation Sand Dragon Slayer

POL: Magnolia, In a cosy cottage, a little bit like Lucy's house

Weapon: Chain Mace

Apperance: She has sandy-orangish hair and BRIGHT green eyes. Her hair is in 2 mid-length pigtails / ponytails. Her chest is wrapped with bandages and she has cream coloured pants. She has sandy and dirty black boots and has a necklace with a pretty and clear crystal.

personality: She is cheerful, outgoing, protective, fun, funny, sometimes can be aggressive.

Birthday: 10th of October.

Pet: She has a adorable but aggressive pink exceed.


Anything else: She has a really dark orange guild mark on the side of her right leg. Can her best friend be named Naomi Soulun. Can you also add a quote thing at the bottem saying: 'Whats to point of having fun if your friends aren't there with you'.

Thanks :)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr piyush_dragneel said…
Name - Piyush Dragneel
Age- 14
Magic - elemental dragon god slayer magic and arc of time, fary law and glitter tooo.
Place of living - tenrou island
Weapons - fists
Appearance- lean muscular boy with brown skin colour like Ren Akatsuki of blue pegasus guild, black hair and green coloured eyes
Personality - calm natured but when angry over does things like Natsu.
Birth day - first of January
Pet - a golden male exceed with persona like happy but when angry can become big like panther lily
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LoraThrivgal said…
Name- Lora Thrivgal

Age- 13

Magic- purple flames

Place of living- garnolia

Weapons(optional)- a black whip

Appearance- dark brown hair- brown honey eyes- hair length is under the shoulder- wears a jacket opened with a gray croptop under and black shorts- wears normal shoes- wears a choker with a purple gem held by the choker- caramel olive skintone- flips hair at one side- wide eyes and regular sided nose

Personality- voilent aganist enemy-playful-funny-flirty-lovable-loyal-m­yst­eri­es-­adv­ent­ure­r-l­itt­le shy- gets mad sometimes-independent-kind-huggable- acts sexy for fun(as a joke)

Birthday(optional)- August 2

Pet[pets count as a member of Fairy Tail](optional)- a pet lion named meetaza

Vor mehr als einem Jahr The-Note said…
Name: Symphony

Age: 28

Magic:Note (music notes), noise, hearing, noise, sound deflection, requip, dance and symphony.

place of living: the forest on the outskirts of Mangnolia.

Weapon: command rod and a sword

Appearance: Black hair, soldier uniform (pink) , walle eyed (red and blue), pale.

Personality: Overly dramatic fun and puts in music a 'appropriate' times

Back story: Parents were killed and the 5th slave at the tower of heaven, never new his name so was given the name symphony.
10th wizard saint
Not many offensive capabilities.

The-Note commented…
*plays fairy tails new theme' WHAT IS UP it is me d' musical man Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nala_Scarlett said…
Name-Nala Scarlett

Age- Same as Erza

Magic- Requied *Kinght* Little bit of Dragon Slayer *Lightning*

Place of living- A little cottage *Likes Natsu and Happy place*

Weapons(optional)- Mainly twin daggers or twin swords

Appearance- Like Erza Kightwalker before she cut her hair has a scar on side of neck and on her chest looks like a star

Personality- Powerful not as much as Erza can be cold hearted manily in battle but once to get to know her she really kind heart and will do anything to keep her family and friends for getting hurt and is really adventurous and always up to battle

Birthday(optional)- Sames as Erzas

Pet[pets count as a member of Fairy Tail](optional)- None doesn't need one

Boyfriend/Girlfriend(optional)- No one *useless some other character in willing*

Any other things you would like us to know- Is close friends with Laxus when he got back he was the one that help Nala leran Dragon Slayer thats why its Lightning and is friends with Natsu Lucy Wendy Erza Mira Levy Gajeel Evergreen Laxus Gray Juvia Happy Panther Lily was really sad when Makarov died so she left to go on a S-class mission that took her 1 year when she got back she was much better and helps Mira with the guild
last edited Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Petra_Jinx said…
Name- Petra Jinx
Publicly known as- The Fallen Angel

Age- 19

Magic- Lost Arcs of the Sun and Moon

Place of living- Deep in the Magnolia Forrest

Weapons(optional)- Twin Daggers, Luna Herba (Moon Blade) and Solis Herba (Sun Blade)

Hair: Byzantium coloured, falls over left shoulder, feather spiked, punk look.
Eyes: Electric blue left eye, bright plum right eye, black, thin rounded eyebrows, dark smoked makeup.
Skin: Mid to Fair tan, small scar residing above right eyebrow, larger hidden scars coving ribs and torso. Lux(light) Tenebris(dark) wing tattoo under colar bone, Solis on the right wrist, Luna on the left wrist.
Clothing: Grey-Blue tank top, camo pants, leather work boots.
Aeternum Anima (eternal soul) form-
Hair: Mixture of black and white, lengthens more.
Eyes: Plantinum White left eye, Golden blaze right eye.
Skin: Lux Tenebris tattoo glows, Luna tattoo turns platinum white, Solis tattoo turns golden blaze.
Clothing: one piece outfit, half Lux half Tenebris, high boots, wings form.

Personality- Quiet, strategic. Often solitary however, can be found with the Thunder Legion or Team Natsu. Loyal and avoids showing off magical abilities, much is unknown about my past.

Birthday(optional)- Unknown

Pet[pets count as a member of Fairy Tail](optional)-

Boyfriend/Girlfriend(optional)- Has an unknown crush. (Guess for yourselves I'll give you a clue, "Fulgur", think Latin.)

Any other things you would like us to know-
Most power spell chant- Perierat Arcus vinculum ut mea autem, Luna, Solis, aeternum anima (Lost Arcs bend to my will, Moon, Sun, eternal soul)
Enjoys heavy and death metal music, usually has earphones in.
Closest to Mirajane Strauss within he guild, sisterly relationship.
Extreme pain tolerance.

GMG stats
Attack power: 6/5
Defensive power: 4/5
Speed: 6:5
Intelligence: 4/5
Unpredictability: 6/5
Vor mehr als einem Jahr CindyLuna said…
Name- Ruby

Age- 16

Magic- Crimson Flame

Weapon- she has a big red sword thats able to kill over a hundred people in one swing

Appearance- Ruby has long hair orange at the top and red at the bottom, she also has red eyes in shape of a cats, cat ears and tail pop up when startled , she wears a short black and red combat kimono and a ca

Personality- She seems cold-hearted but on the inside she is really nice and cares about her friends

Pets- Milen a really cute fox, but when in battle can transform into a bing huge fox with wings
she helps out ruby whenever she needs her. She picks fights with Lily very easily and doesn't get along with Carla

Boyfriend- She doesn't have a boyfriend but she has a small crush on Laxus
(shipname- Luby)

Something else you should know- Ruby became an assassin because she's seeking out the murderer of her parents. She and Milen meat when she was about to be killed by a bunch of bandits thats when Milen showed up out of nowhere and saved her life, after that she wanted nothing more than to became strong and avenge her parents.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr chompace145 said…
Name- Fay Haven

Age- over 10000

Magic- fairy magic

Place of living- Magnolia

Weapons(optional)- none

Appearance- 6'5 blond hair that reaches about 12ft looks to be about in his physically and mentally fit muscle but not alot handsome and light skin
Personality- very caring, loving, nice, and trust worthy. When angered he gains a nonchalant expression that's very intimidating

Birthday(optional)- unknown

Pet[pets count as a member of Fairy Tail](optional)- none

Boyfriend/Girlfriend(optional)- Mavis vermilion (formerly )

Any other things you would like us to know- he's the god of fairies
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ThSkull936 said…
Name is Soulvis and He is a Dark Flame Dragon Slayer that
Takes his business serious and is lazy most of the time. He
Asked to be a part and became a Fairy Tail member. He
Looks like other people but has Black Hair with some maroon
Highlights and mainly wears a black jacket with a red tanktop
Underneath and a pair a dark gray pants. No pets, no
Exceeds. Owns a nice house in the city. Was born right after
Dragons started to disappear and a dragon chose him as the
Dragons kin, and Soulvis could talk to the dragon also. The
Dragons name was Arloies. To this day Arloies died during
Battle between Igneel and Archnelogus(if that's you spell his
Vor mehr als einem Jahr moonlityea said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr moonlityea said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr moonlityea said…
name:tsuki hikari
magic:water magic
place of living:fairy hills
appearance:pink straight long hair,crimson eyes,light tanned,wears a white sleeveless shirt and a plaid skirt,fairy tail symbol is on her neck
personality:calm especially in missions,loves to eat,loyal,smart but doesn't use it so technically dumb,get really angry when annoyed
birthday:12th of january
pets:little pet hamster
backstory:her parents were killed brutally and didn't know any relatives that are alive so she joined fairy tail with her bestfriend whos parents were also killed
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Fairytail3_3 said…
Name- That Creepy Chick (no one bothers to ask her real name... its Alice by the way... not that you care.)


Magic- anything ice based

Place of living- where ever she pleases

Weapons- her own 2 fists! (Extreme martial arts and combat training)

Apperance- medium, unkempt indigo hair with blazing emerald green eyes. Likes to wear big cloaks
with little to no clothing beneath. Genuinly short, for a seventeen year old. Has few scars, all on wrists from tight hand cuffs and self harm.

Personality- A complete and total dork, also super loyal towards her guild but always tries to one up Gray
in the Ice and nudity departments. Also quite pervy and crude and is ALWAYS up for some fun in a battle,
She even won in a battle to the death....accidentally.

Birthday: September 11, X767

Pet- the voices in her head.

Boyfriend/girlfriend- anyone and everyone shes physically attracted to.

Etc.- Truly feels for Gray and the gang...even Natsu... but she wont let that show or get in the way of her training and jobs.Also has a super creepy addiction to sniffing the nape of Grays neck... and just male body odor in general.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Lorelia_Light said…
Name:Lorelia Doldine
Age:17(with the time skip)
Magic: crystal dragon slayer
Weapons: a crystallized ribbon to capture anything
It's owner tells it too, a crystal hair clip to change
Her appearance.
Appearance: Blue eyes and Light blue hair usually
Down but can be in a long loose plait, loose white
crop Top with a blue diamond on it and a dark blue
Short skirt with her crystallized ribbon in her belt
And dark blue ankle heeled boots. However in battle
Her light blue hair goes a really light purple and her
Outfit changes into a Light purple and pink
dress with light Pink boots.
Personality: Loving and caring but when she's in a
Battle she gives it everything she has got and
Becomes a completely different person she is cold
Hearted and ruthless. She is also very careless
and clumsy In the guild hall.
Pets: Gemma (a very mischevious and annoying
Exceed but Lorelia loves her with all her heart)
Boyfriend: none she prefers to be single until she
Knows for sure
Other things:
her mum and dad were taken away by
A dark guild and killed she then met Erza who said
For her to join fairy tail. Erza is a close friend and
Lorelia gets along the best with Lucy, levy and erza
The most though

Lorelia_Light commented…
Me: *pants* so I'm finally at the guild fairy tail Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Lorelia_Light commented…
E: LORELIA U CAME!!! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Lorelia_Light commented…
Me: well yeh I mean who wouldn't this guild looks awesome Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Lorelia_Light said…
Me: Honestly Erza this place looks a....
Natsu: I'M BACK!!!!
Gray: Glad to have u back flame brain
Natsu: what u just say to me!
Gray: u looking for a fight
Natsu: Hell yeh I am!!
Natsu&Gray: NO ERZA
Erza: Good now I want to see u get along in the future ok?
G&N: Aye sir
Lucy: thanks Erza Natsu has been looking for a fight all day!
Erza: no problem Lucy
Me: hey there my names Lorelia I used to live on my own in the forest so please don't blame me if I don't speak much
Lucy: oh so ur the new girl I've been hearing about!
Levy: oh so Erza told the truth Gajeel get over here
Gajeel: what is it shrimp?
Juvia: oh hello my names Juvia I'm a water mage
Erza: Lorelia here is a dragon slayer
*natsu, Wendy and Gajeel stop*
Wendy: did u get left on July 7/7 by ur dragon too?
Me: yeh.... I did
Natsu: yehhh we've now got so many dragon slayers!! What's ur magic anyway?
Me: oh sorry I use Crystal Dragon slayer magic
Gajeel: never heard of it
Levy: yeh Gajeel
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Lorelia_Light said…
Lorelia:this is nothing like what I expected a guild to be like very rowdy don't u think so Gemma
Gemma:yeh yeh whatever I wanna go on a job now!!!
Lorelia:Fine Gemma what job?
Gemma:ummmm this one....
Lorelia:catch 100 rainbow fish for 20,000
Gemma:yep perfect!
Lorelia:Gemma u will eat the fish that I catch
Gemma:so that's not the job?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr CalwebTheQueen said…
Name-Cade Morrison
Magic-Snow Phoenix Slayer
Place of Living-Fullbuster household
Appearance-Lyon-colored hair, bright blue eyes
Personality-Sarcastic, Caring
Birthday-January 4th
Vor mehr als einem Jahr omglikelollike said…
Name- Elodie Bluemoon
Age- 19 (with the time skip and stuff)
Magic- Music Dragon Slayer
Place of Living- Fairy Hills
Weapons- Speakers used to amplify Roar of The Music Dragon (when she's a novice), also pretty good with a katana
Appearance- Black, wavy hair up to shoulder blades, usually ties up in a high ponytail, bangs framing face, medium colored skin, dark brown eyes, and is tall. Usually wearing a tank top with music notes on it, as well as a black leather jacket, with a black skirt, red knee high socks, and black combat boots.
Personality- People are intimidated by her always wearing black, but she's a nice person! She opens up quickly and is deathly loyal to her friends. When someone hurts them, she loses all control and attacks. Otherwise, she is a prankster and likes to eat cake with Erza. She is also really close to her exceed and doesn't like to speak of her dragon parent.
Birthday- December 14, X764
Pets- Allegro the Exceed
Boyfriend- Single
Any other things you would like us to know- Her dragon, Fortissimo, was a mother and best friend to her. They were really close so she doesn't like talking about her. Allegro's mom and the Queen of Extalia were really good friends so Allegro and Carla are close. She is trying to get Happy and Carla together.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr absadabs234 said…
Name- Abbie

Age- 18

Magic- Snow Dragon Slayer

Place of living- Magnolia

Weapons(optional)- Hidden Knife In Pocket In Case Of Low Magic Energy

Appearance- Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Black Dress, Black Bow (Like Mira's When She Was A Kid) Black Heels.

Personality- Cold, Sweet, Loving, Sexy, Emotional, Hot Headed

Birthday(optional)- 9/10/770

Pet[pets count as a member of Fairy Tail](optional)- An Exceed Like Pantherlily But A Girl And Called Destiny

Boyfriend/Girlfriend(optional)- Natsu Dragneel
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Wolffe said…
Name- Zardon

Age- 26 when he woke up ( Really over a 1000 years old but looks 26)

Magic- Half Hell Dragonslayer Magic and Half Heaven Dragonslayer Magic (secret)

Place of living- Unknown (secret)

Weapons(optional)- Owns 2 swords that he double wields one of them is called "Heavens Protector" and the other "Hell's Protector

Appearance- Has 4 bandages around his legs and hands.He also has a mask that covers his head so you can't see it. He wears armour that has
hellish stripes of fire on it and the colour of the armour is white like the heavens.

Personality- Lonely, Likes Fighting, Doesn't have anger issues, quiet, is alone,

Birthday(optional)- Unknown

Pet[pets count as a member of Fairy Tail](optional)- a special Exceed that got stuck in his transformation to a dragon, his pet is a Hell Dragon


Any other things you would like us to know- Is a secret creation of Zeref (secret)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Oranus said…
Name: Oranus
Age: 20
Magic: Water Dragon Godslayer( Can manipulate and control all kinds of water)
Weapon: Water-forged Staff
Appearance: Very tall with red skin and black and red eyes.
Personality: Very smart, can be funny, when mad, nigh unstoppable.
Birthday: January 23
Place of Living: Fairy Hills
Pet: None
Girlfriend: Flare Corona(don't judge me)
Other notes: just as clumsy as wendy, forgets what he's doing sometimes' constantly eats, lost parents at age 15 due to house fire while he was away training, any mention of it makes him sad.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr JYNNtheDjinn said…
Name- Jynn Caldwell

Age- 25 years

Magic- Construction/Creation Magic

Place of living- Traveler/settled down in the kingdom of Fiorie

Weapons(optional)- Yo-Yo Whip(Steven Universe Smoky Quarts Weapon)and Shields

Appearance- Short 4'9", kind of stocky/chubby-like build with some slight abs bottom to mid torso. Large bust Cup C with wide hips, stronger lower body strength but weaker with upper body strength. Usefully wear bell bottom pants or high waist shorts. Long worn out black T-Shirt with a Yellow Bee design with a few honey combs behind the Bee design. Wardrobe style is mostly just T-Shirts, colorful Jeans, or jackets. Wear dark brown boots with no heels. Weak ankles. Hair is messy and in a bun, sometimes in box braids and sometimes let down. Hair type is curly, full-fluff, thick, straggly. If not combed it turns into an afro. A lot of times she just goes out with an afro. Tan-caramel skin tone with freckles on her face. Thick eyebrows but usually plucked and groomed almond eyes, thick short eyelashes, wears glasses, and rarely shaves.(I basically just described myself.)

Personality- Not much is known but is a very friendly person and like to help out but usually just ends up doing everything herself. Socially awkward and hates loud noises so she has her own apartment to not deal with the loudness of the guild. Creative and loves art. Works in odd jobs mostly a construction worker and goes on 2-3 mission a month and is a single mother. Likes to talk to her guild member even if she hates confrontation. Keeps to herself and loves gardening and problem solving.She and King are very determined and confident to make their dreams come true even if Jynn has no real goal in life she has a bold personality. King wishes to be as bold as her and sometimes stalks Frosch. Very very creepy!(Not Jynn.)

Birthday(optional)- Doesn't celebrate it.

Pet[pets count as a member of Fairy Tail](optional)- Has an Exceed as her Room mate named King who babysits after her son. She lives in the living room closet but don't worry it has a lot of space and room to stay in. Has light purple fur, top pointed ear, a heart shaped nose, an inch taller than Happy, silver/pink ear rings, wears dresses mostly but also Shirts/blouses and nice shorts for special occasions and shoes. King makes her own clothing and works at a Tailor Shop either making clothing, hats, or shoes and tying to learn jewelry craft. LOVES FASHION. Hopes to be a well-known famous Fashion Designer someday and have her own business with a normal life. She is learning construction magic to help out Jynn in her missions. Knows how to shape shift into certain objects and things but not for long periods of time. Makes shape shifting mask that can change your appearance for a short time and is into potion crafting! Only uses potion craft to change fur/skin color no one is really sure if her light purple fur is even her natural fur. Friendly and the jealous type. Has a crush on Frosch but feelings aren't returned back. SHE LOVES PASTELS! A lot. She was born with a boyish voice so she was named King until it was confirmed she was a girl never bothered to change her name.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend(optional)- She sleeps with anyone she likes till she gets bored and dumps them. Has trust issues.

Any other things you would like us to know- She is currently in fairy tail guild. Left Sabortooth because of her pregnancy and known King since she was a baby. She gave her the name King after a story book character. Guild mark is location underneath left breast and Kings Guild Mark is located on her back. No one currently knows who her son's father is doesn't tell anyone. Kings is the only person who knows her birthday and Tommy's dad. Jynn's full name is Tommy Caldwell.

That's about it!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr shade2013 said…
It has been a while.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr shade2013 said…
Name-Dzheyson meyer

Age- 23(fake age) actual age:254

Magic- Purgatory Dragon Slayer Magic

Place of living- Fairy tail dorms

Weapons(optional)- None

Facial Appearance- Pointy chin,sharp teeth,long scraggly hair,burn marks covering side of face,Eyes like zancrow's(best i can put it),red iris,hair is grey,slightly long head,long nose.

Body appearance:Muscular,long arms,deformed elbows,long legs,short,burn marks on pec,back ,and rib cage,heart shape burn between stomach and chest

Personality- Twisted,mean,sometimes nice,calm when alone,wicked,hyper,cocky sometimes

Birthday(optional)- May 28

Pet[pets count as a member of Fairy Tail](optional)- None

Boyfriend/Girlfriend(optional)- Shade(old oc)

Any other things you would like us to know- Dzheyson is Bisexual,very strong,does not like people mocking him
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Idunno2203 said…
Name: Kirra Krystal

Age: 23 yrs

Appearance: Pastel blue hair. Blue eyes. Headband. Cute dress ( ruffle at top). Beautiful.

Magic: Ice Dragon Slayer

Birthday: August 21

Pet: Rose the Exceed- White exceed w/ pink polka dots

Personality: Kind, kinda scary when angry, Sweet, Calm

Vor mehr als einem Jahr shade2013 said…
Anyone still active??
Vor mehr als einem Jahr PixelNob said…
Name- Joey Darkheart

Age- 15

Magic- Dark Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic (Eats Bane Particle's, Slayer Magic, Any Magic Zerif's Son Acnologia Trained Him)

Place of living- In Guild House

Weapons(optional)- None

Appearance- Brown Hair Brown Eyes (Brown Eyes turn Black when in Dragon Force)

Personality- Shy,Not Talkitive, Funny

Birthday(optional)- July 5

Pet[pets count as a member of Fairy Tail](optional)- An exceed named Alfie

Boyfriend/Girlfriend(optional)- None

Any other things you would like us to know- Cant Control Magic (Has A Dark Secert)

Vor mehr als einem Jahr BloxHawkling101 said…
Can you be any race you want?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BloxHawkling101 said…
Name- Hawkling
Race- Exceed
Age- 16
Magic- Chaos and Dragon Slayer (Water)
Weapons- Sharp-edged shield. 2' 3" diameter. Form of a tattoo on right paw. Is summoned when he touches tattoo. Also has a magic short bow.
Appearance- Mint green with mask. Can fly. Also wears a belted tunic and turquoise pack.
Personality- Creative, but smart.
Birthday- November 17 X777
Girlfriend- None. Has a secret crush.
Pets- That would be ironic.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr MysticLynxx said…
Name: Silver Kori / Age-18/ Magic: Ice Dragon Slayer/ Place of Living: Magnolia/ Appearance: Whitish not to white , eyes green, 6.1 ft, clothes: like natsu's clothing but after tenrou island the one with the long sleeve clothing color light blue / Birthday : Febuary 20 / Personality : like natsu's the smart side of gray/ Pet : Leo the Exceed color green / Single / Extra : my characters last name means ice
Vor mehr als einem Jahr RealBloomyJaffa said…
Name- Akiko Asanuma

Age- 17

Magic- She has a necklace that she collects gems to put in the necklace. Each GEM she had to find to use the power produced by it. Red gems give her fire power. Blue gems produce water. White gives her Ice and so on and so on. When she doesn't have that necklace she uses her sword.

Place of living- House in Magnolia

Weapons- Sword

Appearance- she has blonde hair and peach skin. The clothes she wears on missions are a a pair of shorts made from the material of jeans. She wears a t-shirt that is Blue with a collar. She wears a large coat over her clothes. When not on missions she can wear anything however no matter what she's doing or where she is she will always be wearing a bracelet her father gave her when she was young, it has the fairy tail charm on it.

Personality- She is a kind, warm hearted, lovely girl who will never give up despite what the situation may throw at her. Even if a mission seems impossible she will not give IP until it is completed. No for the money but to help whoever asked for help.

Birthday- 17th of the 8th

Pet[pets count as a member of Fairy Tail](optional)-

---Name: Bloomy

Age: 10 months

Magic: Flight and healing.

Species: Cat

Appearance: Light Pink with Blue eyes. She wears a bow on her right ear.

Personality: She is very kind but is also very mature. She is like a mother to Akiko with they way she treats her.

Birthday: 4th of the 10th---

Boyfriend/Girlfriend(optional)- N/A

Any other things you would like us to know- Her Father was part of Fairy Tail when Akiko was very young. He was part of the S class team when Akiko was 15. On one of his first missions as an s class member he went mission and was gone so long he was assumed dead. Her had an egg and a bracelet ready for Akiko to turn 16 that her mother gave to her for her father. Akiko always wears the bracelet now as to remember her father.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Casper1379 said…
Name- taliea gumada

Age- 19

Magic- dark (can manipulate darkness in to anything and
Use it like a persona.k.a. a minion)

Place living- poket dimension house

Weapons- double wielded yin and yang daggers that can
Revert into shock whip

Apperance- pure black eyes, pure black hood covering
face and chest, steal armour crop top, Jean shorts, Bare
foot, and steal Gloves that go to her elbows.

Personality- dark, mysterious, and generous.

Wizard- dragon slayer

Pet- secretive black dragon disguised as black snake

Any other things you would like us to know- she disguises
Her dragon because she believes that he is the last of his
Kind and anyone would like millions of money for him to
Even steal him. she was an orphan after her mom and
Dad died of the same cause between a fight against a
Dark giuld and one day she swore an oath to kill every
Dark giuld in existence so joined the giuld fairy tale
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Fairyking said…
My Name Is Jack Rider
Age- 20
Magic-Curse magic and Cursed items
Place- in the guild hall(noone knows i live there)
Weapon-sword (that is always sheathed on my back)
Appearance - Green hair that covers one of my eyes the other is emerald colored (the one you see the other is crimson red but you don't know that) ( i have a lot of secrets) and a black shirt with two purple stripes with gold on both ends at the end of his sleeves on it and Scarlett that is torn scarf that can cover my mouth and nose and black pants 6 ft 12 in tall my symbol is on my exposed cheek. also my skin tan.
Personality - closed off (because of missing father and seeing his mother's murder by the hands of a cult looking for me) friendly when I want to be and angry issues when it comes to family(i consider you my family).
Brithday - July, 12
Boyfriend/Girlfriend- (Has a secret crush on Millianna who joined the guild after Makarov does and is always out on jobs.)
P.S. Bad at spelling so sorry for that.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Fairyking said…
things I forgot to mention
he takes every mission to do with cults and his dad disappeared on a decade mission (both his mom and dad were s class wizards and his mom had curse magic like him and his dad used cursed items ( the sword on Jack's back is his dad's and is one of the most powerful cursed items there is ). My grandfather is an extremely power demon. I was born without one eye and was going to die so my parents asked for help From a priest to save save me but Instead Of give me an eye he toke my grandfather and gave it to me this made my grandfather go insane and try to kill me so my mom had to kill him.
Pet- Coco
Gender- female
Spices - Demon cat
Appearance - red and black with perishing gold eyes
Personality -protective of Jack ( acts like mother ( use to be owned by Jack's mom) Flirty (Claims to love every guy they meet) Childish at times (especially when jealous). Dosn't like Mira Jane because every guy likes her and she in sorcerer weekly instead of her and also hates Carla because happy likes her and she has a huge crush on happy
My sword ages things to dust including magic but when first unsheathed it places a curse on the user so when they use it's power they slowly lose there humanity so I don't use it often (only when I need to).
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Fairyking said…
Jack: (Walks in) Hi I'm back from my decade Quest! ( It toke me only 5 years to complete it)
Coco: Hello
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Rasun commented…
Name - (unknow) Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Fairyking said…
( Walks over to the bar ) Jack: root beer please.
Mira Jane: Sure thing and welcome back you two!
Coco: Milk?
Mira Jane: Coming right up!
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