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posted by nbird13
Ok are Du ready to make a character. Just fill out the form!
There is NO to how many characters Du can make.
This symbol (*) means that it's optional.

Appearance: (you can skip this step Von sending in a picture)
Liste of their Pokemon: (Legendaries MUST be explain in the history and remember that they CAN be beaten) (Shiny pokemon are allowed just do something fancy to the text to signify that they’re shiny.)
posted by nbird13
All the rules will revolve around one principle: Be respectful, be polite, and be fair.

I wish that was all I had to write but just to be clear on things here is a set of RULES.

1. NEVER, I repeat NEVER, god model oder power play.

2. Keep it PG. NO XXX please.

3. No flaming. It’s not nice.

4. Be active. Try to get on and see what’s happening at least one a week please. If you’ll be gone for a while please tell us.

That’s it for now. As long as Du follow those rules and the principle I won’t have to add Mehr rules. *HURRAY*