EXO ~ EXO Contest ~ {ROUND 12}

Gretulee posted on Apr 16, 2014 at 03:56PM
Hey guys after long time I created new contest~!

It's simple, firstly post your bias list, then post a pic which I ask ^^

Don't post same pics
No gifs, well except I will ask
There will always be:
one first place winner
two second place winners
three third place winners

Have fun ^^

1st place:9 props
2nd place:6 props
3rd place:3 props

ROUND 1:Post your first bias
1st place:denise333
2nd place:TopGirl/Ieva0311
3rd place:ArosAnah/snsdlover4ever
ROUND 2:Post your 1st bias with your 3rd
1st place:rinri1406
2nd place:pearlxashxdawn/kpop4everlover
3rd place:DaniMF/denise333/snsdlover4ever
ROUND 3:Post your 2nd bias in red
1st place:DaniMF
2nd place:Tippany/mitsuki963/sandra311
3rd place:Ieva0311/TopGirl/CutieBunny
ROUND 4:Post your 9th bias with sunglasses
Everyone gets 5 props ~
ROUND 5:Post a pic of your fav pairing
1st place:CutieBunny/rinri1406
2nd place:DaniMF
3rd place:Catytio/Tippany/TopGirl

ROUND 6:Post a pic of you 6th bias on stage
1st place:aeiras/denise333
2nd place:GDragon612/usuitakumi77/ArosAnah/Cut­ieB­unn­y
3rd place:snsdlover4ever/Ieva0311/TopGirl/Dani­MF

ROUND 7:Post a pic of your 10th bias in your fav MV
1st place:Catytio/denise333
2nd place:mitsuki963/kpop4everlover/aeiras/Aro­sAn­ah
3rd place:Ieva0311/DaniMF/Tippany/TopGirl

ROUND 8:Post a pic of your 7th bias in airport
1st place:Ieva0311
2nd place:Catytio
3rd place:madzia33/rinri1406/TopGirl

ROUND 9:Post a pic of your 1st bias with your 12th bias
1st place:GDragon612
2nd place:kpopgirl4eva
3rd place:CutieBunny

ROUND 10:Post a pic of any member in 'Overdose' M/V
1st place:CutieBunny/Ieva0311
2nd place:denise333
3rd place:ArosAnah

ROUND 11:Post a pic of your 5th in photoshoot link
1st place:
2nd place:
3rd place:

ROUND 12:Post a pic of your bias with someone from other group
1st place:
2nd place:
3rd place:

 [i]Hey guys after long time I created new contest~! It's simple, firstly post your bias list, then
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