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posted by pollyuop
Firestar I believe did not deserve to die. I also think that Tigerclaw [I am never calling him Tigerstar] Did not deserve to be a leader! He deserved to be banished! I do not mean to be rude but it is true! Also I think that Firestar was Merida - Legende der Highlands to say those things to Tigerstars face! I bet no other cat would have done it! Also Firestar was a great leader and I think that Firestar tried his best and ended up known as the world famous FIRESTAR! Tigerstar is not a good leader! He was, I guess, a little better than Brokenstar though! Firestar should have been granted 1 Mehr life for the duties he did like saving the clan Mehr than once. Starclan was good though letting him get the chance to lead. And therefore I think that us, Fan poppers, should celebrate him once a year. Please support my idea! I think the Tag would be on May 24th. Also, tell as many people as possible to help make the Tag happen! Keep care, Liebe cats, be a warrior! -Joyheart Remember Firestar! And Good luck!