Epic Rap Battles of History Jeff the killer vs Jigsaw from the movie SAW

magicZ101 posted on Jun 16, 2013 at 03:39PM
Hello fanpop, I want to play a game, ever since the epic rap battles of history club was made, I got interested in all the videos, and I've also wanted to make this request in a very long time,I want my two favorite horror characters to come together and fight each other . As you can see by the title, these are the people I want to battle each other for champion of erb, I cannot make this request elsewhere so all of your fans who are reading this message must spread the word on YouTube , Facebook , anywhere that have erb, if any of you are fans of Jeff the killer , jigsaw , or both, and you want them to battle , then spread this out to any social media that you have. This is my request , and if want to make come true, then help yourself to make it come true. However, you must remember where you got this idea from.

Live or die, make your choice .
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