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Help [John lenon
you're making my ears bleed
you need a muzzle

why are Du pissed off all the time
didn't your mum give Du a cuddle?

you're the type of guy who could die
of a herz attack just in the shower

you need to chill out for a minute
and smoke weed for an hour

every time I watch your show
all Du do is scream at me
and your face looks like a sh*t I took
high on LSD

I'm John Lennon, I'm a legend
I can see through all your tricks

I wonder how much George busch paid
you to suck his d*ck.
[Bill ' o reilly]
You F*cking long hair,
living in your yellow submarine
well you're about to get sunk
by the right wing...
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posted by Johan_T
I pity the fool who tries to step to Clubber Lang
Call me BA biceps cause I’ll crush your whole gang
Bring Tuesday, Friday and little trolly the train and watch me dip their @ss in gold
And wear em like my neck chain – SUCKA!
I’ll choke Du with your own sweater sleeves
You couldn’t even beat me in the land of make believe. PUNK!
I will Mr. T bag you, in the closest cemetery
Nobody’s gonna miss Du cause all your Friends imaginary

["Mister Rogers"]
Hi there neighbor
I hope Du don’t mind if I change my shoes
I’ll be rocking sneakers till this battle’s over so I don’t get blood from your...
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