Eat Pray Liebe EPL Critique

germany123 posted on Jul 22, 2010 at 06:14PM
One of the things that have been said over and over on Elizabeth Gilberts book is that she is too whiny and self-absorbed.
I never really thought this during the book for the sole reason that she ACKNOWLEDGES her "selfish quest" and worries aboot the fact that she is taking this time for herself. In Italy she writes a lot aboot the fact that she feels guilty seeking pleasure, in bali (first time) she jokes how lame it would be to ask the medicine man for love advice. all her time in india she seems fully aware of the fact that holding on to david the way she does is seemingly silly and childish and very ego driven.
so while she might be "weak" in her way to be so affected by the men in her life she- throughoot the book- fully acknowledges that fact so i find it terribly puzzling how someone that aware of her flaws (more aware than anyone i know tbh) would be described as whiny? she acknowledges AND takes action to improve her is that whiny? Unless of course the people who perceive her as whiny dont ever have silly stuff they cant get over? they maybe dont have doubts aboot their life choices ever?

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