Donald ente Coolest Donald item Du have?

Kamo posted on Oct 07, 2009 at 07:26PM
What's the coolest Donald Duck item you own?

Here's another; what Donald item do you wish you had?

I recently bought a hooded sweatshirt from 19 Twenty Eight clothing that had a "life size" screen printing of Donald's front. The zipper runs all the way up to cover the wearer's head with Donald's face and there are eye holes to look out of. It's pretty funny!

What I wish for would be an original animation cel from one of the late 30's or early 40's shorts. Or an official Disney park Donald costume.

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Kamo said…
Yay, eBay! I just aquired a bundle of Donald cels from an 80's (I think) EPCOT Center short featuring Donald, his nephews and a couple of odd ducks (international by the look of it). Not much info was given, but I hope to track some down.

That's pretty darn close to one goal, now on to the costume!

I may have to put the Donald Storm Trooper down as another "need to get item". And maybe an entire wardrobe of nothing but Donald clothing (but what about shoes?). Happy Holidays everyone!