Disney Am I the only person on this spot who hates

LisaForde posted on May 30, 2010 at 01:46PM
I have been a fan of Disney since I was a kid and I absolutly hate the following Disney movies.

Pirates of the Caribean trilogy:too boring.

Up:So depressing

DCOM's:Some of them are ok.

Sleeping Beauty:Very disappointing.

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr fhghu said…
Up is my favorite Pixar film and I love Sleeping Beauty. Pirates of the Caribbean was great!!!! DCOM's are alright. I don't particularly care for them.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr sugarcane15 said…
no I love all the movies,but not bolt
Vor mehr als einem Jahr AllegroGiocoso said…
Sleeping Beauty: I love it!
Up: I like it a lot
Pirates of Caribbean: OK
Vor mehr als einem Jahr shomill said…
I like Sleeping Beauty, but I've never seen the others.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr huddy_ said…
I with only with Sleeping Beauty
Vor mehr als einem Jahr kiraragirl200 said…
Sleeping Beauty: LOVE
Dcoms: Ew
PotC: Ok
Vor mehr als einem Jahr pretty_angel92 said…
sleeping beauty-kinda boring
dcom's- i like some of them
potc-i looooooove the movies.johnny depp is the best xD
Vor mehr als einem Jahr MissPanda said…
I never seen DCOM's, but up is my favorite Pixar movie, the pirates of the caribbean is my favorite movie to, because I love Johnny Depp, about sleeping beauty I can say that is ok !!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr tp1992 said…
Up: Never Seen It
Sleeping Beauty: I Like It
DCOM: I Like the old ones, hate the new ones
Pirates: Boring
Vor mehr als einem Jahr tokyomacncheese said…
Pirates of the Caribbean is ahmazing and sleeping beauty and UP are the best
Vor mehr als einem Jahr newstarsandy said…
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr adieee said…
Pirates of the Caribbean: I LOVE them!!!!!
Up: never seen it
DCOM: never seen it
Sleeping Beauty: I love it, not my favorite though
Vor mehr als einem Jahr fuzzykitten123 said…
Pirates is AMAZING! Up is okay... DCOM never heard of it, and Sleeping Beauty, what I watched that last when I was... 6?!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr laylahook said…
Sleeping Beauty is my most favorite movie ever.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr FoxyCoxy09 said…
Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy: Agree (mostly), I prefer the classics anyway.

UP: Disagree. It's sad at times but not depressing. The story is touching and the message is positive.

DCOM's: Agree. I think they're all awful.

Sleeping Beauty: Disagree. The most visually stunning Disney film in my opinion with the best villian in any Disney film, the most beautiful princess and the most daring prince. Great comedy between the faries ("It looks awful" "That's because it's on you dear") and beautiful music. The epitome of a fairytale and it's my favourite Disney film.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Swanpride said…
PotC: Loved the first one, could easily live without the sequels.

UP: Love this movie! Yeah, it's a tearjerker at parts, but I really like how it propmotes the friendshipt between the Generations.

DCOM's:Don't watch those

Sleeping Beauty: Disagree! It's the Disney Movie with the most stunning and most unique animation ever (and we will never get something similiar, not handdrawn), beautiful music, the best disney villain ever...it would have been nice if Aurora and Phillip had gotten a little bit more screentime, but otherwise, it is one of Disney's best movies, despite its pacing problems.

What I don't like: CGI movies from the Disney Animation Studios, with the exception of Tangled, and Disney sequels not done by the Disney Animation Studios. And High school musical. *ducks*
Vor mehr als einem Jahr FoxyCoxy09 said…
^^Completely agree :D