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1012jackson posted on Nov 27, 2013 at 02:17AM
Sence I already did round one on the answers part, I'll just put the future round here in the forum. If you haven't read the instructions of the game, here's how it goes: I'm gonna say 1 quote from 5 Disney movies and you have to guess what quote comes fom what movie. Anyone who geusses all 5 of them right will get too props. One for guessing them all right and one for participating and everyone will get a prop for participating. And some of these might be pretty easy like on the first one because of the start. Round 1 has already been done on the answers so here's round 2

Round 2:

1.Put that thing back where it came from or so help me

2. Excuse me. I think the question is,"who are YOU?"

3. Caution. Rouge robots

4. Hang on everybody. I'm going to let go of the wall

5. If you haven't notice, mom, we're not doin so hot either.

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr lionkingartist said…
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1.Mike Wazowski
3.Ship's computer on WALL-E
4.Buzz Lightyear
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1012jackson commented…
Yes! Du got them all right! Du when two props! Finally, somebody who payed attention to this forem. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
lionkingartist commented…
Thank Du Vor mehr als einem Jahr