Disney Disney Icon of the Monat - November 2013: Sleeping Beauty [OPEN]

LightningRed posted on Apr 18, 2012 at 02:31PM
Now that we have Disney Movie of the Month, I'm making a contest of icon of the month based on the movie that wins. Then I will put your icons into picks.

Here are the rules:

- You make an icon (size 100x100 px to 250x250 px)based on the movie that wins.

- You can use any character from the movie that wins.

- You cannot make icon based on, with the character of, or mentioning the sequel of the movie that wins.

- You must make the new icon yourself. Don't take another people's icon. Don't re-post your old icon.

- One person can only submit one icon.

- Don't pick your own icon.

The winner will receive 1 prop from me.

The theme for November 2013 is Sleeping Beauty
Deadline February 25, 2014



- Aladdin: link
May - The Little Mermaid: link
June - Mulan: link
July - Cars: link
August - Pocahontas: link
September - The Lion King: link
October - Tangled: link
November - The Hunchback of Notre Dame link
December - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: link

January - Bambi: link
February - Beauty and the Beast: link
March - Tarzan: link
April - Lady and the Tramp: link
May - The Aristocats: link
June - Brave: link
July - Brother Bear: link
August - link | LightningRed
September - link
| alexon31
October - link
November - Sleeping Beauty
 Now that we have Disney Movie of the Month, I'm making a contest of Icon of the Monat based on the mo
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