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posted by CaiWonderlander
 How can Du say this little girl is ugly?
How can you say this little girl is ugly?
I don't like judgy people very much, because I used to be bullied. (I wear different clothes and dream to much) This is also why I adore different people. Merida is in my oben, nach oben 5 Liste of all the Disney princesses, and I've heard a lot of people saying they don't like her, so I decided to write this Artikel about her, since I find her beautiful and interesting.
This is why I think she's so disliked:

1. People hate her looks!! They say she's ugly. Which I don't really get, because she has long red hair and blue eyes. -Cough, a bit like Ariel, cough.-

2. They don't like the story. I've also seen somewhere,...
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First I would like to say that Aurora and Tiana are my favourites! I used to have also Snow White as favourite, but when I watched the movie again I found her a bit annoying, but I don't hate her, I can say she is my thirt favourite. I hate all this with oben, nach oben 10s cause in any time everyone can chang his fave princess and find a different, I prefer Schreiben Artikel for each of them, please Kommentar If Du releate too... Secondly I would like to say that I Liebe Aurora as much as Tiana, they are my oben, nach oben 2. A lot of people say that Aurora has no personality, but she has, she is an elegand girl, a...
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We all know Ariel isn't really the most favorable Disney Princess. Albeit all her adoring fans, there's also a tremendous amount of hate to come with that. There's no need to explain why to both, many Fans already established that, so why bring it up again?

Yes, the character hate is understandable...at least to a point. Up until the flaws have overshadowed the good in Ariel, oder have been somewhat exaggerated.

So here're a few traits Ariel have, but seem to always go unnoticed

Ariel's caring nature

While this may seem a bit dubious, Ariel really does care. And it's a trait highlighted on her...
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posted by dimitri_is_hot
Another super short article, sorry if Du find it uninteresting lol.

Best Disney Prince Hair
1. Flynn
2. Phillip
3. Naveen
4. John Smith
5. Aladdin
6. Prince
7. Eric
8. Adam
9. Shang
10. Charming

10. jasmin - high ponytail
It might be a little too much but I still Liebe it.

9. Snow White - with red bow
It looks adorable and it matches with her red lips

8. Tiana - bun with white veil and tiara
It looks beautiful and it's unique!

7. Ariel - loose
I Liebe her hair underwater, it looks amazing.

6. Belle - half updo
It's really elegant and unique, I Liebe it!

5. jasmin - loose
I wish I had...
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Here's another Liste that I wrote Mehr than a Jahr Vor and that I'm now going to update, compared to the Favorit DP Filme Liste this Liste isn't so different from the original one.

10. Mulan & Shang (previous rank: #10, stayed the same)
This is not a couple, these two are just best Friends and neither where ready to get married, now I'm basing this only on the first movie, they don't really get into a serious relationship like the other couples do (yes even the couples with little screentime has Mehr serious relationships than these two).

9. jasmin & Aladin (previous rank: #9, stayed...
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Favorite/Ranking/What I think... about the Disney Princesses
    This is my first article. Something Du should know is when it comes to Disney and non-Disney movies, characters, ect. I am very optimistic, very rarely critical to find fault, and take into account all Filme (sequels, tv shows, clips, ect.) and books. I think it adds to form a Mehr well rounded idea of the characters.
    My Beschreibung of each princesses placement is my view on them and why I like them. Seeing as I don't dislike any of them there isn't any negative reason why they are in...
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In the movie Tangled, it's not made obvious whether Rapunzel's reunion with her parents takes place in the morning oder afternoon. Analysis of the light and shadows of various morning and afternoon scenes shows that the reunion takes place at dawn, and may imply that Eugene and Rapunzel spend the night in the tower.

 7:00 AM, Tag 1
7:00 AM, Tag 1

Here we see the first shot of the tower after the opening prologue. Rapunzel states it's 7:00 AM. The light comes from the side, and does not directly shine into the door window. The waterfall is in a narrow shadow.

 Afternoon, Tag 1
Afternoon, Tag 1

This shot is from when Mother...
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My name is Jaime :) And I like it :) Oh, and before Du start thinking I'm a dumb blonde, I promise I'm not :)

I was born in florida - hot, beautiful, sunny palm coast - but then I moved to Canada :| now I travel in between :)

A bit about me:

I Liebe dancing! It's probably my favourite thing in the world. I hope to be a dancer at some point in my life (a legitimate dancer, not a stripper) I also Liebe Singen :) And I'm an unbelievably HUGE movie buff. My favourites are Titanic, The Dark Knight and The Departed - my favourite Disney is Tangled, Beauty & The Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame,...
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 Zufällig Picture~~!
Random Picture~~!
I Liebe Clothes~! So I wanted to do this~! My oben, nach oben 10~! they are in no particular order because i cant choose~!

Auroras rosa Dress~!

I dont like the dress as much as I like the Color~! My Favorit Pink~! I like the bottom half but I dont like the oben, nach oben half very much.

 rosa Dress~!
Pink Dress~!

Belle rosa Winter Outfit

I like the color && the hood~! I would not mind wearing it. She looks very cute~!

 Belles rosa winter outfit
Belles rosa winter outfit

Belle Blue Outfit

I like that it is simple but elegant. It looks good on her figure.

 Belles Blue Outfit
Belles Blue Outfit

Rapunzel Purple Dress

I Liebe this dress~! The color looks great on...
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So Everyone is making their Liste of who their Favorit DP are so I thought, why not. If Du have any Kommentare please be respectful but know that this is my list. I made this Liste after watching every movie these princesses (except sequels) were in so my facts hopefully are Mehr accurate.

The princess with such a beautiful model figure and a voice that wakes up an entire forest. She is graceful, romantic, and a bit flirty but the problem I had with her is that she did not have enough time her movie for just her. She has Prince Philip wrapped around her little finger but I wish we...
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posted by magicfairydust
 Every girl grew up with them, we all dreamed of being one <3
Every girl grew up with them, we all dreamed of being one <3
I Liebe ALL the Disney princesses but these are my favorites.
7. Sleeping Beauty (Aurora/Briar Rose)
Ahhh the lovely Briar Rose, many times haled as the most beautiful of all the Disney princesses. She's very nice and pretty....and nice...ok so she doesn't do much. That's why she's ranked lower but I still Liebe her! She's such a classic and iconic princess. Some people argue that she only shows up in 18 Minuten of the actual film but thats the point! She's SLEEPING beauty. Besides, she has like the best wardrobe ever.
 oh my, this better not be that weird lipstick wearing guy in snow white....
oh my, this better not be that weird lipstick wearing guy in snow white.......
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Here's the first Artikel for the Best Disney Princess hair style countdown. It covers the places from 41 to 51. Enjoy!

51. Ariel - with hat

In my opinion this hair style completely deserved to be one of the first ones to leave. The hat is ridiculously ugly.

She wears her bangs under her hat, and it makes me imagine her having a receding hairline, oder something. - VGfan30

this hairstyle is just ridiculous - pretty_angel92

This hat is so ugly. - ajotma

It makes her forehead look too big. - CodyVenusTrent

I think she looks funny with a hat on. - MrsEmmaPeel

50. Tiana - with green hat

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posted by LavenderLily
So first of all thank Du for start Lesen my article. I really wanted to share my opinion with DP fanpoppers.I don`t know about your opinion about Rapunzel – Neu verföhnt but in my opinion i like it. It shows the real magic of talent etc. I am so happy that Disney brought one of my most favourite fairytales to alive.
Some people thinks Rapunzel is childish young short selfish but in my opinion she is strong, and talented.
Back to my opinion it is absolutely amazing!!! The Musik which was done Von the talented Alan Menken and it was so beautiful. The movie is so cute. Nothing short of the best Disney princess...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
Sadly, Spring Break has once again come and gone. If Du asked me, they should expand it to at least two weeks...I'm just saying. Normally, I stay at Home and just relax. But this year, I was pretty busy! I took my cousin Jade to Magic Kingdom last week! She is 13 now, but hasn't been to Disney World since she was 4, and she didn't remember much. I was so excited for her and looking vorwärts-, nach vorn to her experiencing everything the park has to offer. Even though there were about 1.3 million people there, ridiculously long lines (110 Minute waits for Space, Splah and Thunder Mountains!), and high prices...
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posted by DreamyGal
 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
I thought I had finally found him. Everything was great. He was sweet, funny, and very affectionate. He was genuine; the real deal, oder so I thought. He took me out to a nice abendessen on Valentine's Day...everything was perfect. Later that night, we were on the couch watching a movie, and I had laid my head in his lap, and he was running his fingers through my hair. He bent down and kissed me, looked deep into my eyes and told me that he loved me. I almost didn't know what to say...I was a little shocked, b/c of my past experiences. I told him that I loved him too. After that night, he began to...
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Scene 21- A Zufällig cave :P

Narrator: Meanwhile thousands of miles away-
*Anabel, Denaji, and Rebecca stop running and start panting*
Narrator: No.
Anabella: Grrr...
Narrator: As I was saying, meanwhile these poor defenseless losers R tired from running away from some ugly looking monsters who ARE NOT THAT FREE KIN STRONG AND COULD EASILY B DEFEATED IF ONLY SOME1 HAD-
Denaji: Damn it, Y cant we get anything good in our lives? Other than torturing Hella which was hilarweous!
Rebecca: U talk lik a 2 Jahr old.
Denaji: No I...
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 Imagine having one of them as a sister!
Imagine having one of them as a sister!
9. Snow White

 Here Du go! A nice pie!
Here Du go! A nice pie!

Coming in last on the countdown is Snow White. Her reasons for being wanted as a sister and for not being wanted as a sister are the same- her cheerfulness and her passion for cleaning. There was variance on what people thought about those two things entering their lives, but enough people did not want Snow White's traits to make her the first princess removed.

“She'd probably always want the room cleaned, oder maybe decide to clean it herself. I like my room messy.”- disneygirl

“I seriously wouldn't mind having Snow white as a sister, she can make...
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posted by madisonsavanna
Here's the link:link
I got Wendy :)Pretty well done quiz

Du are Wendy. Wendy is a girl who talks Mehr than she breathes. However, there's always a treasure somewhere between what her cousin did last Jahr and who her Favorit actor is. She is the girl Du can ask to take out the trash, and she would talk your ear off for an hour. However, Wendy is a caring girl who will one Tag be an ideal mother. Her passion for storytelling keeps her younger Friends captivated until "The End" and she knows it. She doesn't flaunt her talent, though. She is a humble girl with morals. Du may have trouble getting a boy friend simply due to your talkative nature, but stop trying and someone will catch Du in their net. Your marriage will be one of class, and even though Du probably have never thought about doing anything against the rules, Du are not against the idea if it strokes your desire for adventure.
So, I decided I don't contribute nearly enough, probably because I lose at everything. But despite the awfulness that is me, I still want to write Mehr articles. So, here are my opinions about Snow White. It'll be long, rambling, and I doubt any of Du will read it all the way through, but here it is anyway. In the slim chance that anyone is interested.

MacytheStrange's Opinions On Snow White

To some people, Aschenputtel has always represented someone making the best out of a bad situation. For me, it's Snow White. She's only fourteen and she's made to dress in clothes that are falling apart (and...
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