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I'm not the best at describing looks, but I did it anyway. Here's my prettiest DP list!

13. Jasmine
There’s nothing really bad about her looks in particular, but she just has features that I don’t really find appealing. Her nose seems just a little bit too big for her face and while it does fit naturally I don’t like how it looks Weiter to her other features. Though her eyebrows are thick, I actually don’t mind them they do bring character to her and they aren’t really that big and since she has thick hair it would make sense. What really turns me off from Jasmine’s look is her eyes,...
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I have seen every Disney princess movie known to exist (the sequels are an exception), and during all my time of watching I noticed a couple patterns.
For instance, a princess`s hair color most often tells what kind of person they are:

Brown- the artistic type, who often gets Lost in Bücher and has a number of hobbies.

Blonde- with Elsa and Repunzel as the only exceptions, these princesses are an Icon of beauty and nothing else. Their only goal in life is to marry Prince charming and are the reason Mehr feminist icons, like Merida from Merida - Legende der Highlands need to be created.
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Hello! If Du don't know already, I am snsdlover4ever, and I'd like to stay Mehr active on this club, so I'm here today to write my first Opinion/Rant on this club. Without further ado, let's skip all these boring introductions and begin with my Opinion/Rant! Enjoy!

As Du see, the topic is about a certain DP that is constantly labeled as "cowardly." Du all can probably guess who that is...

To be fair, Elsa is a princess that I consider myself to be neurtal about, and I think that it'll always stay that way. It doesn't mean that I hate her, unlike some people in this club, but it doesn't...
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I created an Artikel so Du can Kommentar on what Du think! Thank you:) DON'T FORGET TO CLICK THE "READ MORE" so Du can see the whole thing!

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For the longest time, we have associated Disney with princesses. From Snow White, to Tiana, to Rapunzel, Cinderella, etc....

However since the release of the monster hit, Frozen,there has been one subject that has been debated amongst Fans of the franchise in regards to one character that is......Elsa.

Make no mistake about it, Elsa has blow up in popularity since her inception. she is the proprietor of one of Disney best new songs and is arguably one of the most powerful Disney characters ever, mabe even close in power to Maleficent. However, in regards as to whether oder not she is a princess...
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1 = Disney Princess dresses as face characters range from sizes 2-12

2 = Visible Tattoos are not allowed for any look-alike role. This includes ankles, wrists, arms, neckline, shoulder, in addition to any other visible tattoo.

3 = Disney’s Frozen Characters
Elsa: 5’3” – 5’7”, slender, youthful yet regal and confident. Typecast.

Anna: 5’3” – 5’7”, slender, a youthful and outgoing free-spirit. Typecast.

4 = Disney Princesses
5’3” - 5’7” including Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Ariel, Snow White, and jasmin
5’2” - 5’6” Mulan
5’4” - 5’7” Rapunzel
5’4 - 5’6”...
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Bonjour! This is a countdown of favourite Disney heroines. These do not include Tiere as I will be Schreiben a similar Artikel like this soon about animals. I Liebe all of the heroines but I just have favourites as I'm sure most of Du do as well, and I'm sorry if some of your favourites don't make this Liste - even if Du believe they should.

Let's get started shall we?

10. Snow White

 "Remember you're the one who can fill the world with sunshine" - Snow White
"Remember you're the one who can fill the world with sunshine" - Snow White

I Liebe Snow White - I really do. I think she's cute and sweet and it's sad that people put her down all the time, and I...
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