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 Aschenputtel in rosa
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I got inspired Von Shiki_Otherside's Artikel ''Why The Other Princesses Would Hate Anna'' :) Just a fun and quick article!

For a long time we've been
marching off to battle
In our thundering herd
We feel a lot like cattle
Like the pounding beat
Our aching feet aren't
easy to ignore
Hey, think of instead
A Princess worth fighting for
That's what I said
A Princess worth fighting for

 I want her paler than the moon with eyes that shine like stars
I want her paler than the moon with eyes that shine like stars

My Princess will marvel at
my strength, adore my
battle scars
 I couldn't care less what she'll wear oder what she looks like
I couldn't care less what she'll wear oder what she looks like

 It all depends on what she cooks like
It all depends on what she...
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The weird thing is that I haven't done a Liste about their original voices, but anyway, since I'm greek, I'd like to make this Artikel first. :) Sorry for putting some non-DP girls, but I put them because I really liked their voices and I wanted to say something about them. Also sorry if the quality of the songs is not good, but it was difficult to find nice greek versions and not fandubs. Enjoy!

15) Ariel: Anna Rossi
This is the '99 version, not the original, but I decided to put that too. I hate that voice! I mean, she can sing well and it fits Ariel better, but she sounds too bitchy and sexy...
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Frozen (2013)
life's too short
animated film
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Hola! Lazy me, I havent worked on an Artikel in a while. I'm still working on Disney Superlatives Part 2, I kept putting it aside and now it has been way too long since the first one but it will be here soon, hopefully, trust me youll find out when it gets posted. Anyway,the Titel sounds like some sort of medical/psychological Berichten oder something. I was originally going to rank the princesses Von their beauty and style but then I thought,"Hey, I don't really find any Disney princess ugly and they are so different that it would be difficult to rank them, so instead why not make an Artikel that...
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I think all of the Princes are decent looking even if I'm not all that attracted to most of them. I know Hans is not a Disney Prince but I decided to include him.

12. Prince
I'm sorry Prince, I Liebe Du but I can't get passed those red lips. He's just too feminine looking. But I must admit, he has better features than Charming.

11. Charming
I think Charming has good looks on his side. I Liebe his smile, a smile can go a long way. But he's still veryyyyyyyy generic looking. He looks like he could be Ken's twin brother.

10. John Smith
I can tell John Smith is good looking, with those...
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