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 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as Elsa and Anna (photoshop)
At least I think it's photoshopped. I don't know who did it. I saw it on the Elsa Facebook Fan page.
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This Disney-Prinzessin foto might contain cocktailkleid, mantel, scheide, cocktail-kleid, porträt, kopfbild, nahaufnahme, portrait, headshot, and kopfschuss.

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Here are oben, nach oben #5 favourite Disney princess couples.

#5 jasmin & Aladdin: What do I like about this couple well for starters I like how Aladin is a nobody oder as he likes to call himself a straße ratte who falls for a Arabian princess who likes him for what he is and not as someone that he wasn’t(he asked the genie to be a prince so that he could win her over but she liked him just the way he was).I Liebe their romance especially that scene A Whole New World which was so breathtaking.

#4 Ariel & Eric; Another couple that I adore I simply Liebe how Ariel sacrifices her life to be with Eric....
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