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Hello! I'm giving a very short tutorial on how to make an Icon square (since I often saw many un-square icons). Du don't need Photoshop oder GIMP oder heavy picture editors. Here I'm using link.

1. Click "Editor". Here you'll see a Photoshop-like layout.

2. Click "Open image from computer". Select your Icon oder any picture Du want to make square.

3. Click on the "Crop" Icon on the oben, nach oben left of the panel. Choose "output size" on the "Constraint" dropdown. Enter 200 x 200 oder whatever square size Du want.

4. Drag the maus over your picture. Hit Enter.

5. Don't forget to save your square picture!

posted by dimitri_
This is a serious article. Eyebrows frame your face so Du need to have the right pair. I spend way too much time plucking and grooming my eyebrows so yeah, I think eyebrows are very aesthetically important. I noticed the results look a bit like my non-existent prettiest Princess Liste with a few exceptions of course.

13. Mulan
They are Asian looking alright, with the shape. I promise I don't have anything against big eyebrows but Mulan's kind of overpower her eyes and they look a bit untamed. They are definitely not bad, just comparing to the others. Shang has nice strong arched eyebrows though....
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posted by JungleQueen13
Hi everyone! This Artikel was an idea I had to showcase some of the current Disney Princess fans. Obviously there are many other Fans in this club, but it is impossible to include everyone for various reasons, even though that would be ideal. Each person involved is listed according to their favourite princess, and there is a short summary of that person so we can all get to know each other better. So Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, and please enjoy!

This girl, sweetie-94, is the sweetest person on this entire planet! Her Favorit princess is Snow White and her personality meshes...
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 I didn't know what to put here.
I didn't know what to put here.
I apologize for any spelling mistakes, this is my first Artikel and I hope Du won't be totally bored trying to get through the first princess paragraph. I'm sorry if your eye's melt out of their sockets but I'm sure Du can push through Lesen and absorbing each word.. oder Du could just scan through haha. I was also very lazy with collecting Fotos and editing them so they look like rubbish. Sorry.

11. Merida, she is probably the most hideous female creation to have ever been created Von the Pixar studios. Yes, her hair is nice.. nice that's it? If Du shaved it all of she would be ugly as...
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Here are the results about positions 41-48 of the Disney Princess Sequel Outfit Countdown, voted Von public.

48. Jasmine: Peacock Outfit (Disney Princess: Verzaubert Tales – Follow Your Dreams)

I was a little surprised to see that people hate this outfit so much; it's true, the Design is horrible, but personally it's not my least Favorit dress. Well, as we know, jasmin also very despises this outfit.
 Position #48 Jasmine's Peacock Outfit
Position #48 Jasmine's Peacock Outfit


THIS IS A LITERAL CRIME AGAINST FASHION! It's SO hideous! I would have chosen one...
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posted by JNTA1234
 Who is the girliest of them all?
Who is the girliest of them all?
Some people Debatte over this but here's my opinion. Von the way I think all the princesses are feminine, if they weren't they wouldn't be added to the lineup.

1.Tomboy/10.Girly Girl-Pocahontas
In my opinion, she's the most tomboyish. She's the only princess I'd describe as masculine. She climbs trees, she jumps off cliffs and she's very athletic. Pocahontas' playful and mischievious in a boyish way. She prefers to go off playing in the woods rather doing her people's equivalent of housework. The thing is, when Pocahontas does these tomboyish things, she's doing them Von choice. All the rough stuff...
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This was Von far the easiest to do and I bet Du can guess who #1 is. Don't expect to see Lucy Liu because she's too old.

5.Ashley Argota
I don't really think she can play Mulan, I just put her hear because I needed someone to fill the #5 spot. She doesn't look all that Asian and I don't think she'd look good with short hair.

4.Kristin Kreuk
Well she's only half Asian but I think could be a subplot for the movie. Kristin certainly has the Schauspielen ability to play a strong and vulnerable character. I liked Smalleville, it was a pretty cool show.

3.Breanda Song
The longest running, most...
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Okay, so here are the Schauspielerinnen for Belle, it was pretty easy. Let's get started. This is the first Liste that doesn't have any "Teen Stars".

5.Leighton Meester
She probably looks the most like Belle out of all the actresses. The facial structure, the hair, everything is exact. So why is Leighton only #5? Well the Weiter 4 Schauspielerinnen have to proven to be much Mehr talented and can do twice as good of a job.

4.Christy Carlson Romano
Some of Du may not know her oder just don't remember her. She played Ren on Even Stevens, voiced Kim on Kim Possible. And she actually played Belle on broadway,...
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 Ladies of the Stunde
Ladies of the Hour
I know using the phrase oben, nach oben ten doesn't make sense, because there's only ten but lets get on with it.
 The Girly Girl
The Girly Girl

The most feminine princess in the bunch but that really isn't saying much. Aurora is one of the Mehr attractive, Barbie-esque, princesses which again isn't saying much, but the Liste Mehr oder less based on personality and Aurora just doesn't cut it. Granted she didn't have much time for us to get to know her, the movie was mostly focused on the fairies. Let's just admit it Aurora really is just another pretty face, she's totally hot but that's about it.
 The Bookworm
The Bookworm...
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I've already written Artikel on my Favorit princesses and action scenes, and now the countdow is about the "I want" songs. That's one of my Favorit moments in all DP movies. jasmin doesn't have any solo song, so I didn't include her in the countdown.

Please notice I considered the scenes as a whole, not only the song.

9. Snow White - "Someday my prince will come"
This song is short, and it doesn't help that it's showed in the middle in the movie - It doesn't add nothing about Snow White's personality. It also doesn't help that she sang it sitting on a chair, that forbidded the animation...
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posted by jake69
My opinion on which princess are hot and which aren't. Basically a Liste on who I would bang.

10. Snow White.

She's a munter.

I suppose that's a bit harsh but she has the least bangability out of the all. She's just way too young, innocent and, to be honest, annoying to even consider. And she's not in anyway hot.

9. Cinderella.

She's pretty but she doesn't have any features to be considered "hot" in my opinion. She doesn't have a hot face. She doesn't have a hot body. And she doesn't have any personal qualities that make her bangable. Plus she'd probably run away half way through.

8. Mulan....
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OK so i hear alot of stuff from people how the Disney princesses are bad role Models for kids. True? Well Du be the judge. I have made a Liste of the princess and the pros and cons of them and might add some extra facts about them please comment.
here is my take:

Snow White- One of the princess that dreamers of a guy coming to Liebe her and give her a better life.
Pros-ok she is 14 years old dreamer who wants to meet the person who will Liebe her, she works hard for others with no much regard to herself.
Neutral- in order to cope with her life she talks to Tiere and dreams of something bigger
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posted by JNTA1234
 The Rebel
The Rebel
I just gonna write Zufällig things that come to my mind when I talk about Jasmine, her qualities, flaws, significance and issues. I'll be doing this with all the princesses, Von the way.

First of all, jasmin is the smartest princess in my opinion. My definition of an intelligent person isn't someone who reads Bücher but someone who's clever, inntuitive and a good problem solver. Jasmine's defining trait in terms of personality is that she's quickwitted. Like she sagte she's a fast learner and can think on her feet but also thinks things through. She was smart enough to go along with Aladdin's...
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posted by GotheDistance
I have seen a few Disney Princess Threads talking about the heights of the Disney princesses. I am going to give my opinion based on myself and facts.

Esmeralda: She's not an official princess, but yes, she is the tallest. It has been confirmed.
Pocahontas; She's almost the height as John Smith, who was a tall man. She was always drawn with really long legs.
Elsa: She is Norwegian, the oldest, and has always just seem tall to me, even when she was younger.
Megara; Meg has the Sekunde tallest boyfriend, and is around his neck. I'm going to count it.


Aurora; Though they say she is the...
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 " Crazy jokes. At least Du are my fan, so maybe Du could write an Artikel for Elsa jokes? Hmm. Goodbye, I am hanging out with Jack."
" Crazy jokes. At least you are my fan, so maybe you could write an article for Elsa jokes? Hmm. Goodbye, I am hanging out with Jack."
Hello everyone. This Artikel will contain jokes about Snow White, but don't worry, no sexual jokes. I've searched for all of these jokes on various sites, made up myself oder caught my eye in a comment. Don't forget to have fun while reading!

1- * Warning: Do not see this joke as an insult to Snow White.

Joke: Snow White is pretty...Pretty weird.

* The joke is owned Von ⋅ Fαllen ⋅ (YouTube)

2- Joke: Snow White is going to participate in a talent show. In this competition, Snow White will Zeigen everyone how she talks to animals. However, she finished third in the competition. The first was Shrek...
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 " Moana vs. Pocahontas?"
" Moana vs. Pocahontas?"
I decided that they both have very similar and different points, and now let's review them.

Moana and Pocahontas are both islanders. They live naturally and the Design of their houses is almost the same.

They both Liebe their country very much.

They both know their country's traditions well, but they don't say no to learning different traditions.

They're both doing something illegal. Something their fathers forbade.


While Moana is not interested in romance, Pocahontas is looking for her love.

Pocahontas responds Mehr seriously, while Moana laughs at everything.

Moana wants to go...
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Remember those great romantic moments that were imbued with pure Disney magic and have since become timeless keepsakes: how we got to experience Liebe at 1st sight with Aschenputtel as she waltzed away with Prince Charming into a blessed starry nightscape; the anticipation we held on to when Prince Eric leaned in to KISS Ariel as they floated along a spellbinding lagoon; the way Lady's eyes gleamed under the Bella Notte as Tramp gazed into them over a candlelit spaghetti abendessen for two; how our breathes were taken as Eugene finally saw Rapunzel surrounded Von the lanterns of her dreams on Corona's...
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Rapunzel – Neu verföhnt is my Favorit Disney movie for many reasons besides the wonderful storyline and beautiful imagery. I really relate to Rapunzel in so many ways. I try to be optimistic and see the beauty in the small things in life. I try to stay hopeful and occupy my time with many hobbies. I have so many interests and Liebe learning about them and learning about the world and other cultures. We also share physical features, brown hair and green eyes, and prefer walking outside barefoot. I also have some German heritage, so I relate to her that way as well.

My mother also acts a lot like Mother Gothel....
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People tend to get caught up in preconceived notions of a character based on their appearance oder other surface level factors.

A prime example of this would be Snow White, people see her soft petite features, hear her high pitched voice and listen to her sing about a finding love, and they automatically assume she’s a docile weak passive shy individual. While Snow White is definitely a bit calmer and Mehr carefree, she’s far from the most passive princess. After surviving a deadly encounter and knowing her life is still in danger, she gets picks her herself up rather quickly. Once she finds...
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posted by deltabannermen
Cinderella schloss and Wishing Well

I've written many posts about the various attractions in Disney theme parks based around the films I've been watching. Some have been prominent rides such as Snow White's Scary Adventure oder Pinocchio's Daring Journey. Others have been obscure areas such as the Fantasia golfing attraction oder ephemeral like Bambi's presence in the parks. Some have merely been meet and greets.

Cinderella, however, is a film whose impact on Disney theme parks is huge. It forms, after all, the centre-piece of Disney World itself - Cinderella's Castle; a massive structure visible...
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