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 Disney Princess Award
Disney Princess Award
Author’s Note: Hey Fanpop fans!
How great to come back with another part of my first Fan fiction “Disney Princess Awards” I am so sorry for the delay to update the story. Almost three months! I was really busy; last Jahr in high school and college applications made impossible to do it before. I hope that Du enjoy this part. Because there was a great delay, I really did this part so long! This focus Mehr in awards about songs! I made funny and interesting! Please comment! I want to know what Du think of this. Have suggestions? Please add your ideas in the comments. Thank Du and enjoy it!

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 Disney Princesses
Disney Princesses

 Disney Princesses
Disney Princesses

 Mickey and Minnie maus
Mickey and Minnie Mouse

The Musik that the Walt Disney Company Orchestra was playing came to the end. The audience gave a big applause to the Orchestra. The Musik was really enjoyable that bring out a lot of emotions. Mickey and Minnie go the microphone in front of the stage. Mickey is the one to break the applause and says “Thanks again for been here. Thanks for the Musik that please my wife and the audience. It was great!” The orchestra thanks him and they turn to pack all instruments “After a great music, let’s continue with Mehr awards to you, Disney Princes and Princesses. The first award to present is for the Biggest Sacrifice Princess. This award is to the princess who has made a great sacrifice for the good of people around her, and not only for herself. The nominees for this award are….”

1.    Ariel from The Little Mermaid
2.    Pocahontas from Pocahontas
3.    Mulan from Mulan
4.    Rapunzel from Tangled

This award is really important to someone because it shows Liebe to the people around one. All four nominees had shown a great sacrifice. They have different reasons but all are important. Who will receive the award? Mickey is ready to tell the winner “The award goes to the princess who sacrificed her life to save her father’s when she went to the war. It was a selfless decision. The winner is… heroine Mulan”

Biggest Sacrifice Princess

 Princess Mulan
Princess Mulan

There is a big applause to her. Her sacrifice is the best known between the audiences. Not a lot of people would sacrifice a life for someone. Mulan stands up and goes to the stage where she received her award from Mickey and Minnie. She goes to the microphone and says “Thank Du everybody for this award, Mickey, Minnie and all the people who vote for me to receive the award. Many people may wonder how I got the courage to do that. The Liebe for a person is the motivation to do it. And I know that here are people who understand this. But I also did it for myself. I want it to prove myself that I can be someone valuable. I discover myself in the war. I want to thank all the people who had helped me in my success; family and friends. Thank you!” She goes to her sitz while the audience gives her applause. She really worked hard to receive this award. All people cheered for her especially her family and friends.

After the applause, Minnie goes to the microphone ready to announce the Weiter award “The Weiter award is now to the prince who has made the biggest sacrifice. As the last award, this award is to recognize the prince who shows great feelings for someone that he will do everything for that person oder the people around. The nominees to this award are…..”

1.    Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty
2.    Prince Adam from Beauty and the Beast
3.    John Smith from Pocahontas
4.    Eugene Fitzherbert from Tangled

What a difficult decision! The nominees really did make great sacrifices for someone. Each one in a different way but sure they are important. Minnie gets the envelope with the name of the winner in there, she opens it and she is ready to tell the name “The winner of this award did a great sacrifice! What I Liebe most of this sacrifice is that he did for the Liebe of his life. He died for the freedom of his now wife. Thanks to the left magic power in her, he returned back to life. He really shows Liebe and loyalty for her. I imagine that now who is the winner right? The winner is Prince Eugene Fitzherbert!”

Biggest Sacrifice Prince
Eugene Fitzherbert
 Prince Eugene
Prince Eugene

There is a great applause to the winner. As sagte before, all four did great sacrifices, but this one was the greatest that Du could do to someone. Rapunzel hugs Eugene and then, he goes for his award. Mickey and Minnie give him his award, and Bewegen to the side to let Eugene get to the microphone. Eugene is ready “Again, I want to thank Du for this award. Thank Du to all the people who choose me to have this award. I never thought to be recognizing for what I did. What happens was a great impact, not only in my life but also to my wife’s life. She still get nightmares, and cries when she remembers what happen” At this moment, both Eugene and Rapunzel have little tears in their eyes. Eugene stopped to clean his little tears. When he got better, he continued “Sorry! I just can tell I did it because of love. As one of Walt Disney Company’s character sagte ‘People always do crazy things when they are in love’. I can that is true. It just an impulse that Du got, and it makes Du do it. I don’t regret it because this sacrifice gave me the woman that I love. This speech is going to make me cry. Thank you!” There is a great applause for him. The audience stood up for him. But the greatest thing was that Rapunzel stand up too. When he was with her, the only thing that they do was to hug each other. This was a memorable moment! Even Minnie got sentimental.

After this moment, Mickey went to the microphone and he was ready to present the Weiter award “Wow, what a moment! For sure, Prince Eugene is one man that we should admire. Before we get Mehr sentimental, I should continue with a different award. This award is to the Most Environmentalist Princess. This award is to the princess who cares about the environment. The nominees to this award are…”

1.    Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
2.    Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
3.    Pocahontas from Pocahontas
4.    Mulan from Mulan

These princesses are the best people to be qualified to have this award. In one way oder another, each one have an interaction with the nature. But it is only one who really deserves this award. She is been living in a forest for almost all of her time and she cares for each plant and animal. Mickey is going to announce this princess “The winner of this award is to the princess who has lived in the outside nature and she has great values to the environment. She shows the importance of the nature. The winner is…Pocahontas”

Most Environmentalist Princess
 Princess Pocahontas
Princess Pocahontas

There is a big applause to Pocahontas. What a great award! Her first award as individual. She is glad to have an award for something that she loves to do. She goes to the stage where she receives her award from Mickey and Minnie. Then she gets near the microphone and says “Thank Du so much for this award. It is special; to have it because it is a thing that I Liebe to do, but also is important that people get to Liebe the nature. It is an important issue that we can debate, but I would not do it because there is not time for it. I want to thank my father because he was the one to teach me the importance of the environment and also I thank the people at my side. Thank you!” There is applause for her. She goes to her sitz with a great proud of having this award.

Minnie gets her envelope for the Weiter award and goes to the microphone, ready to present it “Now, it is chance to the princes to be nominated to the award for the Most Environmentalist Prince. After looking in a lot of resources, we found the best nominees. This award is the most difficult to choose the winners. As the other award, the award is to celebrate the prince who cares about the environment. The nominees are….”

1.    Prince Ferdinard from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
2.    Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty
3.    Prince from The Little Mermaid
4.    John Smith from Pocahontas

As Minnie said, there was a difficulty to choose who will be the winner of this award. All four have an interaction with the nature in a part of their lives, but who will be the one that is Mehr than the others. Minnie interrupts these thoughts as she says “The winner of this award is a person had some appreciation of the beauty of the land, although he originally believed that it was there for humans to make the most of. But after, he became Mehr aware and appreciating of nature than any of the other princes.     The winner is…..John Smith”

Most Environmentalist Prince
John Smith
 John Smith
John Smith

There is a great applause to the new winner. Yes, he had won an award but this was his individual ward. He was really surprised to have won this award. He is been a city person, and he could conquer every land, and not worrying about if it is bad to cut the trees oder killing a bear. But it’s true that he had changed in what he believed about the environment after Pocahontas taught him about the importance of it. After all the cheers, he goes to the microphone and receives his award. Then he gets ready to talk through the microphone “Thank Du so much for this award. I didn’t expect to win this award because in the beginning of my life, I never thought about the environment. I only thought that it was only another land to England. But my wife, Pocahontas, had taught me a important lesson. All Tiere and plants have a life also, and we should care and respect them as with did with other humans. She is the one that I thank the most. She is the one who have changed my life to a better one. Thank Du also to the all the people that make possible to have this award, Mickey and Minnie and all the people who vote for me for this award. Thank you!” There is a big applause to John Smith. He goes proudly to his sitz for winning an award that all should have.

Mickey and Minnie go to the podium where the microphone is. Mickey is ready to announce the Weiter award “Well audience, the Weiter award is not to a Disney prince oder princess. This award is to the people who are at the side of the main characters to help them in any way. These people are known as sidekicks, and all are great friends. And for everything that they do for them, we are going to give two awards. The first award is to the Best Human Sidekick. This award is to recognize these human characters for their values. The best nominees to this award are….”

1.    Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast
2.    Genie from Aladdin
3.    Yao from Mulan
4.    Charlotte from The Princess and the Frog

The selection of the winner is Mehr difficult that the one with a Disney prince oder princess because there is a bigger competition. All Zeigen all the values to be named the Best Human Sidekick. Mickey is ready to present this award “The winner shows all the values that a person could have. He is so funny, that in the worst situation, he could make Du laugh. He could win the award for the Funniest person in the entire world, not making feel low to Prince Eugene who won the award for the Funniest Prince. He can do whatever and has a lot of ideas. He is a great friend. He deserved this award! He is not exactly a human but has the characteristics of a human. The winner is……Genie!”

Best Human Sidekick

Everyone in the audience stood up and gave Genie a big applause. For sure, he is the best known sidekick. Genie was so excited, he jump around, and he made appear fireworks there and made a big party in the auditorium. He appeared at the side of Mickey and Minnie and took his award so happy. He didn’t go to the microphone. He doesn’t need it! He said “Thank Du for this award. I am so happy. This award is thanks to everyone who chooses me. I didn’t make people vote for me even that sounds good idea.” Everybody laugh “These special thanks are to my friends. Du are awesome! Aladdin, you, my friend who make my wish come true, to be free of my prison. Thanks Aladdin. Du are really a friend. Also to my friends, Al’s girl, Jasmine, the monkey boy, Abu, to Carpet and the little bird Iago. Thank you! I am so happy that I want to sing. Let’s…” “Genie!” Minnie interrupts “I am sorry, Genie, but we don’t have the time right now, but Du can do it later. We are going to have a special time for music.” “Oh sure, Mrs. Minnie maus and even I had a better idea” He goes to Minnie and in secret he tell the idea. Minnie turn to him, asked Mickey if we can do it, and both approved to do this idea “Sure Genie, Du can do it, and Du are going to be in charge” “Ohhh YES! Thank you! Thank you!”The audience gave applause. Everybody laugh when they saw some of the genie characters clapping. He appears to his sitz where his Friends that are like his family hug him.

Minnie just smiled. Then she went closer to the microphone “I can wait to do this, Genie. But first, let’s continue with the Sekunde award to the sidekicks. This award is to the Best Animal Sidekick. The only difference is that this award to an animal friend. Of all animal sidekicks, these are the best nominees of this award are….”

1.    The Mice from Cinderella
2.    Abu from Aladdin
3.    Mushu from Mulan
4.    Pascal from Tangled

Just the same as the other award, it is difficult to choose a winner. All are special especially to their friends, but who the one to deserve this award is. Minnie is ready to tell the winner of another special award “The winner is of this award is special as Genie. He helps his friend at the hard moments. He is a great and funny friend. This award is to …. Mushu”

Best Animal Sidekick

There is a big applause to Mushu. He stands up and goes to the stage with a big proud. Minnie gets down giving his award. To Mushu, they give him a stair so he can reach the microphone. He goes up and gets to the microphone and says “Thank Du everybody for this. I knew I will get this award! No, I am kidding know it. I am happy that I was the chosen one. That’s thanks to Mulan. Even I was not sent Von the guardians, she still treated me as her guardian and friend. She even forgave when I tried to separate from her boyfriend, now her husband. She was the one that made what I am. Thank Du Mulan! Thank Du everyone for this award”. There is a big applause to Mushu. It is true that he lied to her and he was selfish, but inside he is a great person. Mulan just hug Mushu when he arrived to his seat.

The auditorium went dark. Everyone was surprised. Then a light focused in the center. The Genie appeared and says “Welcome to the Disney Princesses Singen Contest. Yeah, this does not include you, princes. Sorry boys, this is only to the pretty lovely princesses. As the Titel says, the contest is about singing. So I asked to the Disney princesses to come here. Wait, let’s do it faster”He made the princesses appear in the stage in just seconds. The princesses were surprised except Jasmine. She knows Genie really well. He is able to do this and more. “Much better. Here’s the thing; each princess is going to sing a part of a song that represents you, princesses. The winner would receive a special genie award. Please I ask to not applaud until all 10 songs are finish. Do y’all understand?” The princesses agreed “We are going to start with a little first princess, Snowy White”

Some Tag my prince will come
some Tag we'll meet again
and away to his schloss we'll go
to be happy forever I know

“Our Sekunde participant is Mrs. Cinderella, the slipper girl….”

A dream is a wish your herz makes,
When you're fast asleep,
In dreams Du lose your heartaches,
Whatever Du wish for, Du keep.
Have faith in your dreams and someday,
Your regenbogen will come smiling through,

“The Weiter participant is Princess Aurora, our Sleeping Beauty….”

I know you,
I walked with you
Once upon a dream
I know you,
The gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam,
Yet I know its true
That visions are seldom all they seem.

“Then the Little Mermaid, Ariel…”

I wanna be where the people are
I wanna see, wanna see 'em dancin'
Walking around on those...
What do Du call 'em? Oh, feet

Flippin' your fins, Du don't get too far
Legs are required for jumpin', dancin'
Strolling along down a...
What's that word again? Street

“Next, the Lesen princess, Belle….”

Oh, isn't this amazing?
It's my fav'rite part because you'll see
Here's where she meets Prince Charming
But she won't discover that it's him 'til chapter three!

“Then, it is my Favorit princess, Jas….”

A whole new world
A dazzling place I never knew
But when I'm way up here
It's crystal clear
That now I'm in a whole new world with you

“Before, I continue I want to clarify that the winner, you’ll choose it. Not because I Liebe Jasmine, and she is my friend, and my best friend’s wife and” “GENIE! Stop the description, and continue with your explanation” Jasmine sagte it, interrupting Genie. She loves Genie, but sometimes can be annoying. “Yes, Jas, Du are right. Not because I know Jasmine, I will choose Jasmine. To make it fair, you’ll choose the winner. Well’ let’s continue. The Weiter princess to sing is Pocahontas, our native princess…”

Have Du ever heard the wolf cry to the blue mais moon
oder asked the grinning bobcat why he grinned?
Can Du sing with all the voices of the mountains?
Can Du paint with all the Farben of the wind?
Can Du paint with all the Farben of the wind?

“The Weiter participant is China’s heroine, Mulan…..”

Who is that girl I see, staring straight back at me?
Why is my reflection someone I don't know?
Somehow I cannot hide, who I am, though I've tried.

“The Weiter participant is the cooking princess, Princess Tiana….”

And I'm almost there, I'm almost there.
People down here think I'm crazy, but I don't care
Trials and tribulations, I've had my share
There ain't nothing gonna stop me now cause I'm almost there

“And last, but not least, the newest and long blond hair princess, Princess Rapunzel”
And at last I see the light
And it's like the fog has lifted
And at last I see the light
And it's like the sky is new
And it's warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted

“First, let’s give a big applause to all contestants because they did great” There is a big applause to all ten princesses. Then Genie says “Let’s decide who the winner is. Please an applause if Du think that Snow White should be the winner” There is a big applause to Snow White “What about Princess Cinderella” There is an applause same as loud as Snow White, and it was for all 10 princesses. Genie noticed that was a tied between all ten princesses. He just sagte “I see that all princesses are loved Von the audience, so let’s make all ten princesses winners of this contest” Genie make appear 10 awards that Zeigen they are all winners and give one award to each princess and congratulate to each one for been the winner. This was great contest because it was heard the lovely voices and all were winners in the end. In that moment, Mickey and Minnie walk through the stage and Genie said “Thank Du for letting me to do this contest” “You are welcome Genie! It was so much fun and entertaining to have Du here in the stage” Minnie sagte and then giggled. Then, genie returned to his seat. Mickey gets to the microphone and says “How fun was this contest. And this contest relates to the award topic. Singen is a special virtue and also is a virtue to Schreiben a song. The Weiter awards are to recognize the songs that have a great impact oder impression in Walt Disney Company. The first award is to the Funniest Song. This award I for the song that brings humor to the person who listen to it. The best nominees to this award are…..”

1.    Friend Like Me- Sing Von Genie from Aladdin
2.    Prince Ali- Sing Von Genie from Aladdin
3.    A Girl Worth Fighting For- Sing Von Mulan and the soldiers from Mulan
4.    I Have a Dream- Sing Von Rapunzel, Eugene and the Pug Thugs[i] from[i]Tangled

How fun is each song? It is so FUN! Each one made Du laugh when Du listened to it. As it can see, there are two fun songs from Aladin because it was sing Von the greatest and funny guy. But can this mean that he is the winner? Who will be the winner of this award? Mickey open the envelope with the name of the winner in it and say “This song is so funny because the biggest, toughest guys gets together to sing a song about dreams contradicting of what Du expect. The song makes Du laugh. The winner is…. I Have a Dream. I asked to Rapunzel, Eugene and the Pug Thugs to come together to the stage because all together made the song”

Funniest Song
I Have a Dream
 I've Got A Dream
I've Got A Dream

There is a big applause to this amazing people that together made a great team. All together went to the stage where Mickey and Minnie gave a special award and give each one a recognition of the award. The Pug Thugs agree that Rapunzel should have the award because she was the one who made possible the song existed. First, Rapunzel refused but later accept it. She goes to the microphone and says “Thank Du so much for choosing me to hold this award, but sure, we are going to rotate this award between the schloss and the Snuggly Duckling. Thank Du so much for the award that I have in my hands. Thank Du for choosing us to be the winners. It is so exciting. Also I want to thank my friends, the Pug Thugs, because they were one to start the song. Finally, I want to thank Eugene because even that ‘he doesn’t sing’, he song with us just a little” “Yeah, a bunch of sword help that out” Rapunzel just laugh “Thank you. Now, come on guys, say a word” She sagte to the Pug Thugs. Hook Hand went to the microphone and say “Well, thank Du everybody for this award. We want to thank especially to Princess Rapunzel” “Rapunzel” she sagte “Oh NO! Du are the princess, and we can’t call Von your name, your highness! Princess Rapunzel was the one who make us realize that dreams can come possible. Thank you, thank Du everybody. Now, it is chance to the one who sang a little, but still was part of the song. The one that before we were fighting for because of the reward. Who will believe that now he is our prince, Prince Eu…” “Eugene. Thanks for the great introduction. What I can say. Thanks for the award, thanks to the people who vote for us. As Rapunzel and my friends, the Pug Thugs said, I was not very involved in this song. This award is especially to Rapunzel and them who were the ones to really sing. Even I was forced to sing, I loved to be part of this song. This applause is to them. Thank you!” There is a big applause to all. All agreed that the award will be rotate between them. All have the right to have the award with them.

This award starts with the song awards blast. The Weiter awards are for the songs that are on our memory because they are so great. Minnie is the one to present the Weiter award. “The Weiter award is to the Best Single Song. This award is to recognize the song that only one person sing and has a great impact on the Walt Disney Company princesses and princes. Here are a lot of single songs, and it was difficult to narrow the Liste of nominees because all songs are great, but finally, here are the best nominees to this award. They are….”

1.    Someday my Prince will Come- Sing Von Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
2.     A Dream is a Wish Your herz Makes- Sing Cinderella from Cinderella
3.    Part of Your World- Sing Von Ariel from The Little Mermaid
4.    Colors of the World- Sing Von Pocahontas from Pocahontas

“Oh my God! How difficult to choose!” If Du thought that, Du are not the only one. Everybody in there have the same thought. All four songs are special and have been famous in all Walt Disney Company. Each one is special in different ways. Unfortunate, there is only one award for the single song. It’s not like Genie awards, that everyone can be a winner. Minnie is ready to tell the winner of this award “This award goes to the song that is inspiring. It has great lyrics and melody and is reliable to many people. The winner is… Part of the World, sing Von Princess Ariel”

Best Single Song
Part of Your World- Von Princess Ariel
 Part of Your World
Part of Your World

Ariel was in shock. Sure, people had told that song is beautiful but she never thought that she will win. The other songs have been known for representing Walt Disney Company, but she was the winner. Everybody applauded and Ariel went straight to the microphone to receive her award. Then she sagte “Thank Du for this award, for making me a winner of another award for my voice. I really appreciate that Du Liebe for me Singen virtue that I have. This song really came from my heart, because I wanted to be a human Mehr than anything else. And now, I am one. I want to thank everybody who been at my side. Thank you!” There is a big applause to her. She sure is one of the best singers in Walt Disney Company. Everyone received her with a great hug.

During the time that Ariel went to her seat, her song was put in the auditorium. Everybody enjoy listens the song, so Mickey and Minnie agreed to put the song that wins an award as the background. Mickey is ready to give the Weiter award “Our Weiter award now is to the Best Duet Song. This song is been sing Von two people and if I am not wrong, for this award, the two people are a couple. This award goes to the song that have a great impact and where the couple get together to make a beautiful song. Because there are a lot of duet songs that deserves this award, we have the best five as the nominees that are…..”

1.    So This is Liebe –Sing by Aschenputtel and Prince Charmingfrom Cinderella
2.    Once Upon A Dream –Sing Von Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty
3.    A Whole New World -Sing Von Aladdin and Jasmine from Aladdin
4.    If I Never Knew Du –Sing Von Pocahontas and John Smith from Pocahontas
5.    I See the Light –Sing Von Princess Rapunzel and Prince Eugene from Tangled

All five song nominees are just great. They are pretty and romantic duet songs. The only one that is not that been famous song is If Never Knew You, but sure deserves to be in the nominees. All five couples are nervous. This award represents the great moment and song that they share. Whoever wins this award, it really is deserved. Minnie just wondered about these songs. All are SO ROMANTIC! Minnie asked Mickey in private if she can present the winner of this romantic and special award. Mickey just agrees and gives Minnie the envelope with the winner in. Minnie got close to the microphone and sagte “Hi there! I am going to continue presenting the Weiter award because I like this kind of awards” She laughs a little and say “The winner song is just incredible. It has the perfect lyrics and music. This couple makes this song so romantic. This song is just great. The winner song is…. A Whole New World sing Von Aladin and Jasmine”

Best Couple Song
A Whole New World Von Aladin and Jasmine
 A Whole New World
A Whole New World

There is a big applause to the duet of this wonderful song, Aladin and Jasmine. The song is in the background, and it makes the audience and the winners to almost sing it. Both stand up and holding each other hands, they went to the stage where Mickey and Minnie give them their award. They were so happy to be together for this award, like a couple. jasmin had the award and Aladin is the one to start speaking “Thank Du so much for this opportunity to have this award. This song just came Von the situation and how we feel during the trip around the world. This song explains what world I want jasmin to have with me. I want to thank all the people who decide that we should win this award. Thank you! Jasmine, Du want to say anything?” “Well, Aladdin, sure!” she goes to the microphone and says “My husband almost say everything. Thank Du so much for this award. Everyone who was nominated deserved this award. I am so happy that Du decided that we should have the award. This song is so special to us. The song was in our first date, we both sing and as my friend Rapunzel says, the best Tag ever. I can guarantee Du Aladin that I am living in a whole new world with you. Thank you!” There is a big applause to this couple who Du see happiness and Liebe between them. Both are so happy that they met n that Tag in the market place. It was the destiny to unite them. For sure, that Tag changed their lives.

Mickey and Minnie go to the microphone. Minnie tells Mickey to present the Weiter award; she has to check something in the backstage. He agreed and tells her that if she need anything, just send him a note and he will go. Then, she left. Mickey got an envelope and went to the microphone and say “Minnie would not be able to present the Weiter award, but I am going to do it. The Weiter award is to the Best Group Song. This award is to a song that is composed of Mehr than two people singing. The best nominees to this award are…..”

1.    Heigh Ho –Sing Von the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
2.    Be Our Guest –Sing Von the Verzaubert Objects from Beauty and the Beast
3.    I’ll Make a Man of Du -Sing Von Shang, Mulan, and the other soldiers.from Mulan
4.    I’ve Got A Dream –Sing Von Rapunzel, Eugene and the Pug Thugsfrom Tanglrd

All four groups feel the tension. All four for sure are worth of the award. Some of the songs are famous, some other not are not famous. All four are really entertaining. One of the nominees has an award for been the funniest song. But maybe this time, the winner will be other. Mickey opens the envelope and says “This song is been described as awesome. It has humor and drama. It helps to be a person. During this song, there is development in the plot and the characters. The group song that wins the award is…. I’ll Make a Man of Du sing Von Shang, Mulan and the other soldiers”

Best Group Song
I’ll Make a Man of Du –By Shang, Mulan and the soldiers
 i'll Make a Man of Du
i'll Make a Man of You

There is a big applause to this group of soldiers who made a song to demonstrate that they can be great soldiers. To the winners, there was a big surprise because their song between great options to be the winners. But, yes, they are the winners. Mulan, Shang, Chien Po, Ling, and Yao went to the stage to receive their awards. Just like with the song “I’ve Got a Dream” group, they all agreed that General Shang should have the award because he was the one who work hard to become the best group of soldiers. Even that he didn’t first accept, he agreed to have it and to exchange the award. Now, General Shang would represent all with his speech, he went to the microphone and sagte “Thank Du for this award. My partner nominees also deserved this award is also for you! Von my wife and my friends, we want to thank Mickey and Minnie , to our family and Friends that one time, they were my soldiers, that I feel so proud of Du because Du really became a great soldiers, Friends and Heroes because all together, we save the emperor because all together, we save the emperor. Du are just great! Thank you!” There is a big applause. Chien Po, Yao and Ling say thanks to their general, and all together return to their seats.

Just in time, Minnie returns to the stage, and Mitmachen Mickey in the podium. While Minnie was ready to talk, Genie appeared and say “Sorry to interrupt Minnie, but may I add something else to the event before the break?” “Well sure, but the break is going right now, so Du need to present what Du want to do now” “Sure, I know what I am going to do. Can I do it Mr. President? Sorry for not asking to Du first” “Minnie already decided and if she agreed, I agree too.” “Thank Du Mickey and Minnie. Thank Du because what I am going to do is about you, Mickey and Minnie” Mickey and Minnie just turn to the Genie surprised “ABOUT US?” Both sagte at the same time “Yes, since every princess and prince has a song, I want to ask Du do you, like a couple, have a song?” Mickey and Minnie just look at each other, wondering what song can be. Mickey just turn to Genie and say “Yes, actually there is a song that is about us” Minnie just turn to Mickey with a sight of saying ‘Which one?’ Mickey didn’t answer Minnie, and Genie sagte “Really, which one? Can Du sing for us?” “OK……

Oh I am host here and I am Mickey Mouse.
I am president of Walt Disney Company,
I present awards and
I have a little lady whose name is Minnie Mouse.

Minnie just laughs about it. Yes, it was their song, but she laughs because in the way that he changed the lyrics to get perfect to the situation. Genie turned to Minnie and said “Is that true little Minnie? Is that your song?” “Yes. Our original song is a little different that the song of now, but it is our song.” “Well, Minnie, was the name of the song?” “Minnie’s Yoo Hoo. That’s the Titel of the song. Mickey agreed “I ask Du this because our curiosity. With this answer, Du win an award for the Weirdest Liebe Couple Song. Congratulations!” Genie gives them an award. Everybody laugh about what Genie said. Mickey and Minnie received the award with a laugh. How fun is Genie! But it was true! That song is the weirdest song that a couple could have. But this song is theirs. “That’s all I need to say. Now, Du can continue. I finished!” Then he disappears. “Thanks Genie for this ‘great’ award” Mickey said “Anything that Du want to add Minn? Anything that Du want to say of this ‘great’ award?” Everyone laugh “Yes! I want to thank all the people who made possible to have this award” She sagte making fun of how it suppose to say after Du receive an award. She is not making fun of the winners who sagte their speeches, but she is making fun because she knows that the award was not in competition with other people. Everybody laughs because they see that Mickey and Minnie also make fun of something. Then Mickey sagte “Now, let’s be serious. We want to congratulate to the winners. This doesn’t mean that this is the end. There is more! But before we continue, since we talk about songs, let’s hear some of the Disney Princesses and Princes songs during the break” During that moment, the song ‘Some Tag My Prince Will Come’ started to play.

It will continue
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Wow, it brings back memories watching this!
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