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posted by disneygirl30651
This is a new game I invented. My mom and I did this last night. It was fun so I decided to turn our discussion into a fun game for everyone to express their opinion.

1. Du must name only one reason why Du like/dislike the Disney Princess.
2. It can be anyone one want (meaning your fav Disney heroine can be included also)
3. And please don't be rude to my opinions oder others.
4. Include pictures also (if Du can)

I like Ariel because I Liebe her voice
I dislike her because she does dumb things at the age of 16.

Okay so have fun!
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posted by faya27
Chapter 4

After Ariel waved goodbye to Eric and Melody, she carefully crossed the straße to meet up with her brother. Her sandy-colored haired brothers was holding a carton of milch that he bought from the Deli.

"Ariel, what was going on? Who was that man Du were talking to?" flunder asked.

"I was trying to save his daughter," Ariel explained.

"Really?" flunder asked.

"It's a long story," sagte Ariel. As they walk away from the Deli, Ariel told flunder the details of the story such as saving Melody, standing up to Eric, and a abendessen with them. When she finished, flunder was amazed. That was a...
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Hella: Eh? Why?

Denaji: Because I simply cannot let Du get away with what were doing, and now that Du knon our plans of world domination, WE WILL HAV 2 EAT YOU!
Hella: But I didnt no about ur plan untill now.

Denaji: *Alien voice* Dont play dumb with me! Do Du really think I'm that stupid?

Hella: Yes.

Denaji: Well- wait really?

Hella: Your the idiot who told me your plans of world domination. *Spaceship door opens and Anabella come out then transforms into her true alien form and gets out of the ship*

Alien 1: She is right ya know. *Whacks her* Du just had to tell her our plans! I just cant...
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Frozen (2013)
royal welcome
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The Cinema Judge - Verzaubert
Amy Adams
cinema judge
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 I'll never forgot the memories I had with it till Tag I die.
I'll never forgot the memories I had with it till day I die.
Today is the third Sunday of a new school year, which is exactly three years sine I became a Fan of Frozen. As a result, I wanted to celebrate it, Von Schreiben down my entire history regarding this movie, and how it changed my life, forever.

Now, I will only write down the parts where it impacted me, and how it changed me.

Before we start, wanted to put a disclaimer that this Artikel will get personal, and even kind of depressing in some parts. Also, if Du read my Zurück articles, then you're mostly familiar with my history. The majority of this Artikel will include things I've already said...
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 1. Working dress
1. Working dress
Hi my name is andy10B. I am here to give my opinions on all Disney princess outfits through out the films they are in. They will be detailed on looks, how they suit the princess and my insgesamt number out of ten I would give to it.
Firstly we will start with Snow white. My favourite princess and the fairest of all but is she oben, nach oben of my outfit Liste lets see.

1. Working dress

This for me is very typical for a young woman to wear back then when as a slave for a wicked Queen. This is very basic and not a dress to wear for any real occasion but working. It is a mainly all brown, a dark brown oben, nach oben with...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
Snow White heard something. It sounded like, glass had shattered somewhere. She was worried.

I wonder if anybody is hurt.

She was sure that she heard a scream, but she chose to hope it wasn't one.

She walked to the area she thought she heard the glass shatter and the person scream. She looked over to find a house where it looked like somebody was on the floor in there.

Oh no.

She slowly walked closer to the person. She was on the floor, injured. Glass had been shoved into her arms.

Causing a large amount of pain, I bet.

She tried to pull the glass out of the girl's arm, but she couldn't.

I can't...
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posted by rapunzelsgold_
Hi! So, I'm @rapunzelsgold_. I've been on Fanpop actually since about 2012/13, but had to make and Löschen accounts due to a reason I've sagte before. But, I'm now sticking to this account, and decided to make another/first "get to know me," article. (If anyone remembers me as Chillyneon?)

1 = I was born May 1st
2 = My Astrologie sign is a Taurus/Snake/Beaver
3 = I'm a huge nerd for anything Manga/Anime
4 = I'm also a huge nerd for anything DC and sometimes Marvel
5 = My Favorit Disney princess is Aschenputtel ಥ⌣ಥ (She's amazing okay)
6 = My least Favorit princess right now Mulan (I'm updating...
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Mulan was cleaning the house when she saw a look of devastation on Shang's face as he walked in. "Is everything okay?" she asked worried. Shang tried to keep himself from breaking down. "Shang, whatever it is, Du can tell me." Mulan tried to comfort. Shang couldn't take it anymore, reached his breaking point, and broke down crying. "Shang what is it?" Mulan asked again. "They found my father's remains." Shang answered through his sobs. Mulan gasped. "Shang, that's horrible!" she said.

Shang tried to say something, but cried once more. Ling, Yao, and Chien Po came in the house slowly. "I see...
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