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Disney Princes: Men of Few Words

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The Disney Princes are a special group of guys. They are romantic, chivalrous, handsome, and most notably, these royal bachelors are not afraid to express their feelings.
In fact, they are so good at being emotional that sometimes, they don’t need words at all.
Not every prince would go jumping over castle walls for his love. This moment doesn’t need words, his “I am so in love” face says it all.
There is nothing more charming than when Prince Charming first meets Cinderella. His body language speaks volumes, he’s clearly head over heels.
Prince Phillip’s utter delight in Aurora is so evident here, even his horse understands his expressions. (Also, this is the cutest.)
Prince Eric is usually quite a talker, but leave it to Ariel to render him speechless. This is Eric’s hilarious reaction to Ariel combing her hair with a fork—we think it’s three parts confusion, one part intrigue, and one part “she’s being strange but I’m definitely still into her.”
They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. In this case, Beast’s soul is saying, “you bring out a side of me I’d long forgotten” and Belle’s soul is saying, “I really like it.” There is definitely something there that wasn’t there before.
No need to verbalize his feelings, this is clearly the face of love.
Naveen is always willing to help, even if he doesn’t say it (and instead jokes about never working hard). But that determined glance and rolling up of his sleeve is all we need to understand that he’s a changed man.
To be fair, not all unspoken words are romantic. In this case, Flynn’s facial expression simply says, “we should braid your hair, it’s very long.” He is a problem solver, after all.
What’s your favorite unspoken Disney prince moment? Tell us in the comments!
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