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You are fine, Du are sweet
But I’m still a bit naïve, with my heart
When you’re close I don’t breathe
I can’t find the words to speak
I feel sparks

But I don’t wanna be into you
If you’re not looking for true love, ohwhoa
No, I don’t wanna start seeing you
If I can’t be your only one
So tell me

When it’s not alright
When it’s not ok
Will Du try to make me feel better
Will Du say alright (Say alright), will Du say ok (Say ok)
Will Du stick with me through whatever
Or runaway
(Say that it’s gonna be alright
That it’s gonna be ok)
Say ok

When Du call I don’t know
If I should...
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Da da da da, da da da da, da da da da
Oh, oh, oh, yea
It takes a girl to understand
Just how to win
She knows… she can
I think it’s clear
Who wears the pants
What boy… could stand… a chance

She makes it look easy
In control completely (In control completely)
She’ll get the best of Du ever single time
Thought Von now Du realize Du should

Never underestimate a girl
Gets anything she wants
She’s never gonna stop
(You know it… we know it)
Never underestimate a girl
She’s always got a plan
The world is in her hands
Da da da da, da da da da (Let’s go), da da da da

She got the lipstick
Puts it together...
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Let go
(All I wanna do tonight)
Whoa oh
The day’s been long
I just got hime
And work is driving me crazy
I could do up
I could go out
But I’m feeling too lazy
I wanna run
I wanna have fun
But I don’t wanna work it
All I wanna do is go and kick it with my crew tonight
(All I wanna do tonight)

All I wanna do is let go tonight
I’m feelin’ right
Just wanna forget about it
All I wanna do is let go tonight
Wind it up
Without my getup
(All I wanna do tonight)
All I wanna do is get down tonight
Move around tonight
Don’t really care about it
All I wanna do is let go tonight
I’m feeling free
Tonight is just for...
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What Du think about this
I been holding it in now I'm letting it flow
What Du think about this
I'm gonna do my own thing yeah I'm flying solo so
Don't tell me how it's gonna be
On my own
And the thing of it is
There's nothing 'round here that I'm gonna miss

'Cause you're just holding me down
I just wanna fly
Yeah there comes a time when I gotta say goodbye
To the life that Du see me in
Here's where I begin

And I promise myself
I ain't nobody's, I just wanna be free
And I promise myself
Even though it won't always come easy
Gonna learn from my pain
Never explain
Do it my way, that's what I say
Promise myself...
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Turn it off turn it on like the vibrate on your phone
Call me up wanna talk then Du freeze me
It’s the same when you’re gone keep me guessing what Du want
But my herz says it’s Du who can please me
I get pushed to extremes and I should know what it means
But I can’t bär the game to be over
When your moods never change only got myself to blame
‘Cause I fall for it over and over

You’re like my first bad habit I can’t live without it I can’t give Du up give Du up
And even though you’re trouble I come back for double I can’t say enough is enough
I’m a part of Du you’re a part...
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I know what you’re trying to do know what you’re trying to say
You’re giving me the eye then pushing me away
It’s like you’re playing games like you’re the only one
We’re both one and the same so think about it
All your Friends are telling me there’s only one ambition on your mind
You keep on denying it but all the proof I need is in your eyes

You can say what Du want, play it cool if Du like
But you’re identified Du play my herz ‘cause you’re smart
Put up a front but I see what’s inside
Got Du identified Du play my herz ‘cause you’re smart

You keep asking how I am...
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When I’m all broke down heading for disaster and
I’m spinning ‘round trying to find a clue
And my head is tired of searching for the answers
Can’t figure out how I’m gonna get through the Weiter ten minutes

Baby I’m amazed what I feel for you
Baby I’m amazed what your faith can do
Baby I’m amazed where Du take me to
Don’t Du know oh
Baby I’m amazed what I feel for you
Baby I’m amazed what your faith can do
Baby I’m amazed where Du take me to
Don’t Du know oh
(Oh, oh) Oh, oh (Oh, oh) oh, oh
(Oh, oh) Oh, oh (Oh, oh) oh, oh

When I’m all burnt out need a place to run to
No one hears...
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I need a kick drum
A gitarre now
And a bass line
And I’m a Zeigen Du how

How to rock how to dance how to get down
All I need is a Piano in my track

Throw your hands, throw your hands
Throw your hands, throw your hands up
Whoa, whoa
‘Cause Du can’t, ‘cause Du can’t
‘Cause Du can’t, ‘cause Du can’t stop
Whoa, whoa
Can Du hear me
Do Du feel it
If you’re with me go
1, 2, 3
‘Cause we’re here and we’re now
And we’re all together
So let’s make this last 4ever

Turn the amps on
Turn the lights down
Brush yourself off
I’m a Zeigen Du how

How to rock how to dance how to get down
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I remember the Tag I first met you, Du really caught my attention
Didn’t know I was looking for a rescue I wasn’t thinking that hard
Now and then I was there in the moment I was ready for nothing
That doesn’t mean that I really didn’t Liebe Du while I’m breaking your heart

Don’t ask why before we get too close just let me
Say goodbye it’s easier this way
Don’t ask why before Du ask the Frage and
I die inside just let me walk away

I feel bad that I let my past hurt Du ‘cause I really didn’t mean to
I was Lost I was lucky Du found me but it only got worse
Right now while you’re...
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(Rock mafia, rock mafia, rock mafia)
Everybody likes a fiesta
Everybody wants to have fun
Bring a couple Friends and I’ll betcha
They’ll be hookin’ up with someone

‘Cause I’m tired of all the boys who don’t like to dance
And if Du don’t like to dance Du don’t stand a chance
So why Du standing in the corner with your arms all folded
When Du know that she’s ready to dance right up on you

You got the money money
She’s got the hottie body
We want to party party
Hook it all up
You picked the song they’re playing
She waits anticipating
All the while the DJ saying
Hook it on up
(Hook it up...
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(Ay ay ay ay ay ay a-a-ay
Woohoo woohoo
Ay ay ay ay ay ay a-a-ay
Woohoo woohoo)

I'm alone, it's just me
And I'm watching TV and I'm always
Oh so bored at home
I get up I get out drive my car
Way down town
Keep on calling but you're never around
See my Friends out tonight
Under these city lights
In the club
Till someone starts a fight
Then we get in the car
Still don't know where Du are
I'm so pissed off
Always hanging around

I'm so tired
You're fired

I'm so jealous, reatless, relentless
That's just me
I'm so crazy lately c'mon and
Let it be
Don't make me beg for the things
I need
You know what they say
Where there's...
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Wake up to the alarm and the phone
Trying to stick out I’m stuck in a world don’t belong
Sometimes something so right can be wrong
Feeling weakness ‘cause gravity’s taking its toll

I wanna know I’m not the only one around
Can Du Zeigen me something deeper than I found
I wanna know that you’ll be with me when everything around is fallin’ down
When I finally get these feet back on the ground, woohoo, woohoo

Feel the sun shine down on my face breaking through
Old things that were once Lost are renewed

Hey, I wanna know I’m not the only one around
Can Du Zeigen me something deeper than I found...
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Yeah, yeah yeah
It’s so hot
I can’t stop
The Musik fills the room
That beat goes boom boom boom

I’ve got to keep it together
I’ve got to keep it together
I’ve got to keep it together
Watch the crazy people

Let’s dance (Let’s dance)
Show me (Show me)
Hold me (Hold me)
Control me (Yeah)
Let’s dance (Let’s dance)
Take me (Take me)
Shake me (Shake me)
Make me (Yeah)

Just like that
Don’t hold back
Get crazy on the floor
We’ll have fun
All Tag long
And then we’ll still want more

I’ve got to keep it together (Together)
I’ve got to keep it together (Together)
I’ve got to keep...
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It’s out with the old
And in with the new
Goodbye clouds of gray

Hello skies of blue

A dip in the pool
A trip to the spa
Endless days in my chaise
The whole world according to moa
Excuse me
Thank you

Iced tee imported from England
Lifeguards imported from Spain
Towels imported from Turkey
And turkey imported from Maine

We’re gonna relax and renew

You… go… do

I want fabulous
That is my simple request
All things fabulous
Bigger and better and best
I need something inspiring
To help me get along
I need a little fabulous
Is that so wrong

Fetch me my Jimmie Choo flip flops
Where is...
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It's hard to believe
That I couldn't see
You were always there
Beside me
Thought I was alone
With no one to hold
But Du were always
There beside me

This feeling's like no other

I want Du to know

I've never had someone
That knows me like Du do
The way Du do
I've never had someone
As good for me as you
No one like you
So lonely before
I finally found
What I've been looking for

So good to be seen
So good to be heard

Don't have to say a word

For so long I was lost
So good to be found

I'm lovin'
Havin' Du around

This feeling's...
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What time is it…

Summertime, it’s our vacation

What time is it…

Party time, that’s right… say it loud

What time is it…

The time of our lives, anticipation

What time is it…

Summertime, school’s out… scream and shout

Finally summer’s here
Good to be chillin’ out
I’m off the clock, the pressure’s off
Now my girl’s what it’s all about

Ready for some sunshine
For my herz to take a chance
Oh, yeah
I’m here to stay, not movin’ away
Ready for a summer romance

Everybody ready, goin’ crazy, yeah we’re...
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Haha, yall need to get ready to hear
The unbelievable, indescribable Vanessa Hudgens
Baby V
(Baby come back)

Everyday, I try to play, another game
But my herz can’t take it
I try to find another boy, but all the while I can’t face it
(Baby come back)
Why do I miss Du so much, I want to stop this hurt inside
Oh baby, please give us one Mehr try
(Baby come back)

I see Du out with all your friends
Laughing it up as Du pretend to have a goodtime (Goodtime)
I know ‘cause I’m living the same lie (Same lie)
So one of us has got to say, we can’t keep living this same way
So I’ll...
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(Ooooh, yeah)
Dream of a Tag when the songs that Du play
Are blasting through the speakers in your car
Then it comes in a flash and Du hear the crowd
Screaming out your name for the encore

Livin’ life
Life in the fast lane
Not that bad
No, we can’t complain
Who’s to say
That we won’t keep it real
Hold on tight
Don’t Du dare let go
Now’s the time, let the whole world know
You can shine bright but still keep it real

Who could know that you’d be on the road
Selling out the tickets to your show
And when you’re Home you’re still the one
You were before Du left to go on tour, whoo

Livin’ life...
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Yeah, ohhowhoaoh
He sends a friend
To ask me if I’m interested
I see Du coming my way with a smile
You say, “He’s the guy, Du caught his eye
But he’s afraid to come over he’s a little shy so
Why don’t Du come talk for a while”
But I see your smile baby
The messenger may take the prize
And Du see the look in my eyes

I’d rather be with you, baby
You know what you’re doing to me (What you’re doing) yeah
You’re the one, the only one
That sets it all on fire
Yeah you, baby
And I can see Du wanna be with me
And yeah Du know what I’m saying is true
I’d rather be with you

It’s Du and...
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I don't claim to know it all
I've had some wins I've had some falls
The road is long and time is short
I don't wanna spend too much time in thought
I don't intend to play it safe
I've gotta Bewegen to find my place
I wasn't born for small talk crowds
I know what I want and it's not in this town
I don't wanna just survive
I'm gonna hit the road I'm gonna drive

I've hit the highway, and I'm not comin' home
I'm gonna drive
I'll do it my way, I'll call Du on the phone
When I arrive
It's all I got and I'm not gonna stop for no one
In my way as long as I'm alive
I'm gonna drive

Everything I sagte I meant, nothing comes...
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