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Who do Du consider to be an animal "sidekick"?

I`ve just joined the club and I wonder who do Du consider to be a "sidekick".
Is it just an animal character from a Disney movie who isn`t as major as the main animal character, right?
(Ok, maybe it sounds silly, but I`m just not sure. I`m going to make a pick but I don`t know who exactly is counted as a sidekick.)
 LionaChoco posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Disney Animal Sidekicks Antwort

SnowSpirit said:
Yeah, I think that too ^^ Because a sidekick is someone who isn't the main character but isn't a villian oder anything, and Du know what an animal is, so an "Animal Sidekick" is someone who is an animal but isn't the main character.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Thanks! But, Von the way, we can also make a pick for "evil sidekicks", I guess :)
LionaChoco posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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