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OMG I hate my weight help!!!

every Tag I wake up and say, " stop eating" and I look at myself and cry I hate it! I was sick and was in my bett for a week and had tonilits and I'm really tall I'm 176 cm I think... In the 100s and I'm the 2nd tallest in class. when I eat I always feel guilty and try to vomit but nothing happens, I eat abendessen then do it sometimes I'll skip all my meals oder I eat 1 meal a Tag witch is every Tag lately! I haven't worn a bikini in 2 years to shy and my belly goes right in like curry and my nan, mum, freinds say I'm not fat stop siting, I'm like so shy to tell my mum for help only freinds but elusive I run on the spot like in my spare time, push ups, yoga, dance and school basket ball and this is becoming a addiction HELP!!
Im a gigantic fat arsch im 123 pounds and im shorter then you...
SeeUV3 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
 LILYLOVES1D posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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