Dex3fan and Suzyisbrute what do Du think should be Mandark and dexi's Liebe song?

Pick one:
&# 34; Liebe story&# 34; Von Taylor schnell, schnell, schnell, swift
" Liebe story" Von Taylor schnell, schnell, swift
&# 34; Mine&# 34; Von taylor schnell, schnell, schnell, swift
"Mine" Von taylor schnell, schnell, swift
&# 34; naturally&# 34; Von Selena Gomez
"naturally" Von Selena Gomez
&# 34; Hey there Delilah&# 34; Von the plain white T&# 39; s (alter...
"hey there Delilah" Von the plain white T's (alter it to Hey there Dexterina,)
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 dex3fan475966 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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