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This is a scene of the death of Victor Lang from the "Desperate Housewives" episode "Something's Coming".
Desperate Housewives
something's coming
victor lang
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The death toll in Fairview has reached an alarming rate of 36 people who have died over the years and Those People are: Updated to 43 people.

1.Juanita Solis (Carlos Mother)
2.Edie Britt-Williams (Dave Williams Wife)
3.Mary Alice Young (Paul young's wife)
4.Martha Huber (Edie Best Friend)
5.Rex transporter, van De Camp (Bree's Ex-husband)
6.George Williams (Bree's Exboyfriend)
7.Matthew apfel, apple White (Betty apfel, apple white Son)
8.Nora Huntington (Tom's one night stand)
9.Victor Lang (Gabrielle Ex-husband)
10.Monique polier (Orson Mistress)
11.Alma Hodge (Orson Ex-wife)
12.Diedre Taylor (mike's Ex-wife and Noah...
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