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 Child recites from the Koran
Child recites from the Koran
First of all, let me preface this Artikel Von saying that I am far from an expert on Islam. The only thing that qualifies me to write this Artikel is a handful of research and experience with Muslims. I feel that maybe a Muslim would be better equipped to tackle this issue, however it is so important to me that the Western World understand the difference between Islam and Radical Islam that I felt compelled to write this article.

In this article, I will clarify that normal Islam is as peaceful as any other mainstream religion, like Judaism and Christianity. However, that does not mean that radical...
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Censorship is probably my Favorit thing to Debatte about. So I wanted to type an Artikel about the issue.

For one it's super annoying. The obnoxious beeping mid-verse in some songs is really irksome to listen too. Small pauses aren't as bad, but still. Censorship can really ruin a good song. As for TV I understand it Mehr with censoring anatomy should children be watching (I'll address that in a minute) but censoring the finger oder words that characters/people say on TV follows the same thing as above the bleeping is annoying and the finger, I personally don't take offense to it.

About the whole...
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Howdy neighbor. Do Du have a warrant?
public Fernsehen
austin bragg
andrew heaton
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 Even the Joker's Had Enough Of This Bullshit
Even the Joker's Had Enough Of This Bullshit
I believe in debate, discussion, and discourse. I believe in listening. I believe in multiple sides to every issue. I believe everyone is worth listening to. I believe there can be fault on "all sides," and that we can all be guilty of misunderstanding each other.

I do not extend these courtesies to racists.

Ideas are dangerous. They are wonderful and they are disastrous. They can be used and misused as weapons oder agents of peace. But when Du are met with a truly deadly weapon, giving it the benefit of the doubt and letting it do its thing will get Du and many others killed.

When it comes to...
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Idk if anyone’s noticed (lol) but I’m filthy mad about this election. Not just because of Trump himself, but because the whole thing represents, better than anything, one of the world’s most significant problem in Kürzlich years. We are moving away from our Enlightenment ideals - tolerance, progress, and liberty - with fanfare. Under the guise of saving western culture, we are threatening its core principles. We are neglecting the lessons of history that millions fought and died for: authoritarianism is a dangerous (yet insidious) thing, vilification of minority groups is wrong (demonstrated,...
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Lin-Manuel Miranda and the OBC of Hamilton perform their Debatte rap battle without Musik in the White House for #Ham4Ham
thomas jefferson
alexander hamilton
cabinet battle
lin-manuel miranda
white house
west wing
daveed diggs
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