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posted by Music_luvr1986
Who lurk beneath the undergrowth?
When all is dim and dark?
Who murder people in their beds
oder sometimes in the park?
Death Eaters! Death Eaters!
Our blood is pure as pure!
Death Eaters! Death Eaters!
We all Liebe Voldemort!
We serve the Dark Lord every day,
We're always very loyal
And if with us Du don't agree
We'll boil Du in hot oil!
Death Eaters! Death Eaters!
We're evil as can be!
Death Eaters! Death Eaters!
But if we're scared we'll flee!
Our curses are incredible.
We're known for our Morsmordres
And though our leader is insane
We always follow orders.
Death Eaters! Death Eaters!
We're wickedness collective!
Death Eaters! Death Eaters!
Yet rather ineffective!
Credit: link. I didn't write it myself.

"I like taking pointless Facebook surveys as much as the Weiter person. But, since they’re mostly about kissing, I started to wonder how someone completely incapable of feeling Liebe might handle such things. So I just had to tag my good pal Lord Voldemort in my most Kürzlich survey. Here's what he had to say:

Was your last KISS standing up, sitting down, oder lying down?
The only KISS I believe in is the Dementor's kiss, and as I have very little soul remaining in my withered husk of a body, one would have little effect on me.

Whose bett were Du on last?
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1. Isn't Voldemort ugly? I mean, he doesn't even have a nose!

2. I Liebe Mudbloods! And they're good kissers, *wink*

3. I need to go back to Azkaban immediately! I deserve Mehr time in there for my crimes.

4. I think Harry has the right idea about killing Voldemort.

5. Isn't Lucius hot? His long blond hair is such a turn on!

6. I think I'd look really good in pink.....Cissy, could I borrow some?

7. Purebloods suck....what makes us so great anyways?

8. Muggles are actually quite clever!

9. Loyalty really isn't my thing......

10. Yes, I agree, I DO need therapy, don't I?

11. Harry really just needs a hug....
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posted by KateKicksAss
Credit: f***
I found these fascinating, thought Du guys might too, :)
And yeah, it's not ALL Death Eaters, but they're all Slytherins, :P

Bellatrix - “Bella” is a construct of the word “bellum” meaning “war” and “trix” refers to “a woman in power.” Bellatrix is therefore known as the “Female Warrior” and is also the pale yellow star, sterne indicating the left shoulder of the constellation Orion, the Great Hunter.

Blaise - Blaise was the teacher of Merlin. From the Roman name Blasius, which means “lisping.” From the Latin “blaesus.” A famous bearer...
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Greetings, new follower:

If Du are Lesen this letter then Du have doubtless been accepted into the select band of professional wizards known as the Death Eaters. If Von some unprecedented chance Du are Lesen this and Du have not been accepted into the Death Eaters then I suggest Du put down this letter and leave now, oder the consequences for Du will be as terrible as my lifelong study into the Dark Arts can make them.

Please find enclosed a short introductory guide to Death Eating, which Du must memorize and then eat, to prevent security leaks. (Due to an unfortunate...
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posted by KateKicksAss
 An example of an object Du could use.
An example of an object you could use.
A handy-dandy Wikihow Artikel on how to make a horcrux, for all Du aspiring Dark witches and wizards out there!

1. Become an extremely powerful witch oder wizard. This will take years of study and sacrifice which lie beyond the scope of a WikiHow article. As a general guide Du should not attempt to create a horcrux until Du can cast non-verbal killing curses.

2. Locate an object of extreme significance to you. An emotional attachment to the object will aid the process and make it easier on your body and soul.

3. Bathe in the Water of Sorrows and eat 1 cup of paste made from...
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posted by BellatrixLS
bellatrix is very strange (review name) and has lots of sides to her life. in ootp (order of the phoenix) she was mental, a right nutcase and Fans loved it. thank Du to helena bonham carter for doing such a great job with bellatrix. but then in hbp (half blood prince) she shows a completely different side to her. around her family she is almost soft and caring. then in deathly hallows she is a bit of both. so she has her soft spots eg.voldemort,narcissa etc etc and her hard spots: pretty much everything else in the world. so she is pretty bad and a bit good. what do Du think ?????

pls awnser with ure views!!!
posted by Lord-Voldemort
My loyal Deatheaters,
Harry Potter is destroyed, and now we may focus our attention on the rest of England, and then the world!
I have sent my most faithful Deatheaters out to take control of areas surrounding London, The Lestranges, the Carrows, Mulciber and Yaxley, and soon my rule will span all of Europe!

But first, there is another piece of business to attend to. If I am to remain truly invincible we must take out all that threaten my throne, the pretenders, the blood traitors, the imposters. We will begin with the blood traitors. Bellatrix, Narcissa, we all know that Du have some interesting...
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