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What's your opinion on Kevin Williamson's latest interview on Delena? It seemed to depress, annoy, anger and strike fear in the hearts of a lot of shippers.

“Just because we’re putting her with Damon doesn’t mean they’re going to end up together. And it doesn’t mean they’re going to get together.”

OK, I can understand why this would upset Fans even though it didn't particularly bother me. Fans seem to leap to dramatic conclusions about the future of DE whenever Kevin oder Julie make any kind of Kommentare which apparently Frage oder challenge whether DE will ever become romantically...
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Well, I wanted to just write this cuz we have 4 grueling months until TVD comes back.

10) The last scene in 2X5 *Kill oder Be Killed*:
This scene was small, but IMO, very signicant. It shows that, even after what Damon did to Jeremy 4 episodes before, that Elena does still wanna/does see redeemable qualities in Damon. It's basically a sort of strahl, ray of hope for them to regain their friendship (which they did, of course).

9) The hand-squeeze scene in 1X21 *Isobel*:
I personally loved this scene cuz it demonstrates just how much Damon had grown to trust Elena Von then. They share glimpses in that scene...
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Okay guys so I already gepostet this Artikel on the Rant Thread when I first joined here a few weeks Vor but something that I read on the internet regarding DE sparked me to put it where it should be which is on here & with some slight changes that I've made that I felt were too important to miss out :)

I find it very annoying when people say that Elena is trying to change Damon when in actual fact she is just trying to Zeigen him who he really is and Mehr than capable of being, who he has probably been all along, the goodness has always been there deep-down inside of him, but with spending...
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 Image Credit: tumblr (I think)
Image Credit: tumblr (I think)
Seven months ago, when the DE fandom was struggling to find their way out of the pit of doubt and despair which the writers had happily thrown them into; I published an Artikel voicing my concerns about Kevin and Julie's 'hot and cold' approach to Delena, and on their insistence that Damon had to apparently become 'worthy' of Elena before their relationship could be considered. link
It looked like Kevin and Julie had doomed Delena before they had even begun. What were the chances that Damon would ever settle down and learn how to be 'good'? "He screwed up...Everyone loves Damon but he's not...
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