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diehardromantic posted on Jun 07, 2011 at 11:44PM
I guess I'm asking if there are any US supporters who can set up a petition to 'Make It Happen' (pardon the pun):)
I would certainly support this, even though I live in Australia. If filming was to happen in two years from now, Season 4 would have only wound up the year before, so still fresh on our minds, the characters would have grown up. I would like to see the Russo siblings all grown up. A Movie about Magic where they break all the rules and are reunited as one. The power of Three:) It would be good to have that Grand Finale all us WOWP Fans deserve! What do you all think?

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr yowitsmeLYNN said…
Yes, its a good idea! I totally support this :)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Love_DaLena95 said…
I support to...Hope it will be!!