Dalena What I Kinda Hate About Selena And David .. (Just Sharin My Thoughts...)

yowitsmeLYNN posted on Oct 22, 2010 at 08:30AM
Okay. When I checked whom Selena is following on twitter, she follows 162 people. 2 or 3 accounts are 'nelena'(erm.ew?) clubs and I also 2 accounts are related to Nick J. but she doesn't follow even 1 'DELENA/DALENA' accounts or accounts related to David ?!?! I mean, that's kinda hurtful for me and for us right?

And David, why did he unfollowed Selena ? Why did he even do that ? What's wrong ? Just because they were seen at a restaurant and he has to do that? Its really disappointing ... :(

So what about you ? What are your thoughts about this ? I wanna know 'em . :)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Love_DaLena95 said…
It's very frustrating me:((Perhaps he tired of questions about Selena. Perhaps this is due to the relationship of David and Selena. I do not know why this happened:(
Let's hope for the best:)) I think this is temporary.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr notjustanerd said…
I think this is temporary too. It's disappointing. But I'm hoping for the best.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr dalenaLover said…
Guys seriously , check David's unfollowing time to selena , He just unfollowed her after their 'FRİEND' date and Lorenzo henrie unfollowed selena too , because they wanna make us think 'hmmmm...Theres something wrong' This is their ambition cuz its DENİAL TİME! They wanna show low ship between together on cameras and they wanna make us forget david's tweet when he is with selena at dinner dont chu remember it ? 'Love.Food.' watch out between '.' ;)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr yowitsmeLYNN said…
I hope its really temporary . And yeah dalenaLover, i hope its true what you said . because this is the 3rd time I got obsessed in a loveteam and the first 2 didn't end up together ... I am so hoping they would end up ...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr a2121467 said…
I think she follows a lot of Nelena because, according to what I've seen, there ARE more Nelena supporters than Dalena. Probably due to Miley being involved (Nick) and the whole "incest"/working on Disney thing going on (David).
And the Nelena peeps reply to her a lot. Could just be luck of the draw. We'll never really know.

I think David and Lorenzo were together when they were on twitter and decided to unfollow Selena after she tweeted something that they knew. If she tweeted like Demi, or even Taylor, I don't think she'd be unfollowed. Or maybe HR did damage control and told David to unfollow Selena on twitter--sister and brother dating is "not good"! And again, we'll never really know.

If it's temporary, then maybe the thing with Lucy had something to do with it. And if it's not temporary, then I maybe it was because it was more of a twitter for fans than for fans and friends.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr dalenaLover said…
Lucy and David far friends right now , once david said 'How i could love lucy i cant get it ' something like that so lucy and david is over its good thing for DALENA