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delenaloving09 posted on Aug 19, 2010 at 08:43PM
Do you think it's true that they are on a date?
For me, yes. I looked up Josh Sussman's twitter and his post was gone!!!! do you think David and Selena asked him to delete it so it won't start rumors about them?? I really hope that they were on a date..

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Rach_me said…
i hope too !:)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr a2121467 said…
I honestly think Josh deleted it because people would get the wrong idea, although he was ****ed either way and might as well have left it up.

But we'll never know about the reason for deletion will we ;)
A lot of dates boy/girlfriends go on can look just as friendly as that of David and Selena (talking about Phillipe) Like I said. We'll never know.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr diehardromantic said…
Whatever you want to call it, they enjoy each others company. But perhaps they are wiser beyond their years not to start something now, whilst they have to work together. Keeping things professional on set might be difficult if they were together. Let's see what happens during the next Movie. It will, after all, be the last of the WOWP series.