Dalena DaLena Movie?

diehardromantic posted on Jun 17, 2011 at 02:39AM
Which movie or characters would you like to see these two in. For me the 'made for the movies' books written by Lauren Kate would be perfect for DaLena Fans. David would play Daniel and Selena would play Luce. Like the Twilight Saga there are four books, about (dark) angels - FALLEN, TORMENT, PASSION and finally RAPTURE. Check it out!!!

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr firebabe77 said…
I would love to see them make MIDNIGHT and MAGNOLIAS link I have read the book and it's interesting to see David be serious this time as SENECA and Selena as PEACHY (comedian) it's a ROMCOM. I would love to see Selena as a red hair girl also. The characters fit them.