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Plsssssss Mitmachen At Least One Of These Clubs:


^ this one is about meee, but youee can post ANYTHING u want tooo!!! (ill give u 5 props)


^ this one is about crushes!!! Any crushes!!! Celeb crushes, non celeb crushes!!!!
(ill give Du 2 props)


^ this one is about friendship!!! anything to do wiv friendship!!! (ill give Du 2 props)


This one is allllllll about ROBERT PATTINSON!!!! ALLLL!!! Du can post wateva u want to about robert!!!!!!!!! (4 props)

Pls let me know if Du have joined one, and ill give Du yours props!!!! FANKSSSS!!!

 angel_cake posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Cullenism Antwort

cullen1296 said:
i would but for some reason i can't Mitmachen anymore clubs. if i could i would Mitmachen the one about rob P
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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