Creepypasta Youdidthis.Exe

TimeToEatSouls posted on May 08, 2016 at 02:18AM
I was on my computer, just looking at something to download. The new computer had to have something on it, not just Windows 8. I found a prank file to download, and downloaded it. I could find that it had an odd but reasonable name, "youdidthis.exe." I opened it, and my computer crashed. I turned it back on, all it showed were the words "YOU DID THIS." I started to freak out, because the only thing I had downloaded before was Avast. They could stop a virus, so would this not be one? I figured it wouldn't, and went to bed. The next morning, my computer was gone. I tried to figure out why there was nothing there, so I tried to ask someone nearby. Only, it would be helpful if there was someone in the house. Everyone was gone. The car was there, so I called 911. I got only "911, wha-YOU DID THIS." It was right. I did this. This time, I ran for dear life. At least the neighbors were intact and still there. I knocked on their door, and the father answered. "Hello. What do yo-" and started to melt. I backed away, and bumped into a weird man. And if it was a man, it wouldn't be a smiling murderer holding a knife. All he said was; you guessed it, "You did this." I ran home, trying to escape the hellish nightmare. The man-like creature started running at me, saying "THIS IS A LOT OF FUN!" I suppose not, because then HE melted. And so did everything but me. All that was left was a black void, and my computer. And you know what this is? This is my death note, not a creepypasta.

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