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Have Du ever had a dream? I have. My name is Isabella, but Du could call me Izzie. I have 6 siblings, 5 brothers, 1 sister. I can not work out in the field. This is 1859 us as women, we have no rights. My dad was a sailor. He was striped of commanding his ship. I was only 5 when that happened, now I'm 16 the oldest in the house, and I still get no respect! But anyway, my dad smuggled slaves into the north. Well, my dream was to be a carpenter. When I told my dad my dad he sagte "Psh! A carpenter! Thats a job for a man, not a skinny girl like you!" That made me furious!
"OHHHHHHHHH! Izzie's...
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posted by Twilightsauce
Hi, this is the 17th chapter of My True Love. Some of Du may have not read it, if Du havent then please read on, but Du might want to go and check out the others first (they are all on my page) the next-and last!- chapter will be gepostet in a few days so, keep and eye out and I hope Du enjoy!
Love Twilightsauce

We had all come here for a picnic today, in the meadow, because it was a sunny day. We were all here the whole pack and all of the Cullen’s. The meadow was deserted and it looked peaceful and serene with regenbogen spots dancing around.
Nessie was heavily pregnant and our baby was due...
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posted by Spinner13
A poem I wrote a little while back, inspired Von something I was reading... Du probably wouldn't believe it after Lesen this, but I'm usually a pretty cheerful person. :)

    Looking Backwards in the Dark
Our days are numbered Von the gods
and counted Von demons,
Our names are sacred and our trust
Is nonexistent. Those who trust, die.
Faith can kill. Having none will destroy
your soul eventually. No medium, it seems.
Liebe is terrifying and friendship
Is as tenuous as the short bridge of letters
that convert friend to foe. Good and evil
Take a thousand...
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posted by HouseMindFreak
Again--I'm not the greatest writer nor do I aspire to be a great writer, this story is mainly for my entertainment so be kind with Kommentare if Du read it.

First Chapter link

Chapter 2

Koda arrived at his uncle’s shop, parking his dirt bike behind the building and chaining it to the radiator. The sun was already high in the sky; beating down its unforgiving rays of heat down on him but the extreme heat never bothered him as it seemed his body was never affected Von the sun.
His skin would repel the rays like a duck’s feathers would repel the water.
Inside he could hear his uncle yelling something...
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posted by HouseMindFreak
A story I am Schreiben about a American Indian boy of the Comanche tribe in Texas. He his cursed with a Supernatural evil but will have to confront his demon and the master of the Underworld realm which has plans for his curse...

Hell’s Outlaw

Chapter 1

In the town of Big Spring, Texas, a 12 Jahr old Comanche Indian boy named Koda awoke that Saturday morning with a feeling of dread and excitement.
As with any boy approaching their 13th birthday in his tribe, he was to prepare for his spiritual quest but unlike the others before him, he did not look vorwärts-, nach vorn to it.
He has spent many arguments with...
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posted by hakadoshi12345
(ME:*gulp* I don't wanna!
KYO:*whatching with interest*
INU:*unsheaths Tetsiuga* SAY IT!
ME:O.O "!"
ME:I don't...own Inu oder other characters oder his cute ears *touches inu's ears*
INU:*hurts me badly*
ME:i do how ever own Aiko,Kyo,Iuana,and Kiana!SO HA!Owwwwww!)


*in the goshinbaku*

aiko:haha shhhhhhh.
*voices in the backround*

(on hold sorry)
posted by appleco
The Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa is one of the worlds most famous art pieces but at one point it was stolen Von a man who thought that Italian paintings should be shown in Italy and not France so… when he was all alone in the room where the Mona Lisa was so he took the painting and stuffed it under his smock. It took a week for the museum to find out that the painting had gone missing. I think that ever since this painting went missing museums have Mehr security then they did then to protect Mehr thefts.
I think that this connects to chasing Vermeer because “the lady writing” it on the go and Calder and Petra think that it is not safe, sicher just like how the Mona Lisa wasn’t safe, sicher in the museum in France. I think that defiantly Calder and Petra would be helpful.
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posted by Dearheart
This song goes out to every girl who's ever wondered if Prince Charming exists. Whatever the future holds, don't try to rush ahead. Treasure the moments with your Friends and family, live with joy and contentment, and be patient. Don't give any part of yourself away that you'll regret later. Good things come to those who wait, right? =)


Hey future husband
Let me ask Du a simple question:
Do Du exist?
Or are Du just a fairy tale that isn't meant for me
Isn't meant to be
Not for me, not for me
I've heard a lot about you
And I've been told to wait for you
But what if you're not really out there?...
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These are a few choice poems I wrote before my college level Poesie class. After sagte Poesie class is finished, I'll probably post a follow-up soapbox just to see how they compare (and if the Poesie class really taught me anything). I'll be honest, this is mostly for me, but also I though Du folks could be interested, so why not? Keep in mind that I do not consider myself a poet, I consider myself a short-story writer, but as it's required for my major, I must write poetry.


Lies are silver in the land of leeches
But the truth is worth Mehr than gold
It's what they all fight over in the...
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Look at me. I must be obsessed. I think I am. But why?

A drugs poison flowing through my veins, slowly killing me with every breath I take. Close to death, I still smile. Your face is in my mind.

Your voice is so soothing. Though filling me with lies, it keeps me calm. Du must be an angel. How can Du have such power over ones heart?

With you, I break the ruled. Crossing over boundaries just to please you. It is such foolishness. But why can't it be stopped?

From across the world, I can hear your herz beating. You're content. No regrets, no pain. How can that be so? I will not be satisfied...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Save me from my misery
This pain’s too much to bear
My world’s become too dark to see
And I can’t get no air
Grasping for a straw of hope
Trying so hard to survive
But the pain that has crept into me
Is killing me inside

And now I’m crying
I’m dying
Won’t make it out alive
I’m breaking
And aching
Won’t get up this time around
Every Tag is torture
And I’ve just had enough
If I had a humanity switch
I would turn it off, off, off
I would turn it off, off, off
Turn it off, off, off
Turn it off

As everyone is moving on
My world seems to stand still
I keep going back and forth
To what was and will never...
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posted by HaleyDewit
I’m not bitter
I’m just being picky
I’m not cold
I’m just being lonely
I’m not lost
I’m just undiscovered
Living in my shell of safety
Building walls up once again

‘Cause I am afraid
That when I’d give Du my herz it might break
But I know
That when I’d give Du my Liebe
I gotta give Du all I have
Leave nothing out

I’m not broken
I’m just being scarred
I’m not hateful
I’m just playing it hard
You can reach me
If Du try hard enough
But if you’d rather not stay, just walk away
And don’t waste both of our time

‘Cause I am afraid
That when I’d give Du my herz it might break
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posted by HaleyDewit
Du don't need to be clever to figure this one out
It took a while,but now I know what you're all about
I've shed a million tears just because of you
But now I see what I can be without you

We all got one single life
And I'm not gonna waste mine to your tears and filthy lies

You said:
'Please,forgive me
I know I should've been strong
But I didn't know what was going on'
You said:
'Please,believe me
I didn't know what to do
So,I didn't tell Du the truth'

It shouldn't take much to make this one clear
But you're the only who doesn't seem to hear
You might wanna take a flight someday
'Cause when I'm stepping up...
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posted by HaleyDewit
My name is Bella and there’s something I need to tell
I’m dating this cute vampire, he’s just hot as hell
He’s fascinated Von my none existing mind
And I fall apart whenever I stare in those liquid topaz eyes

My name is Edward and there’s something I need to say
Bella’s gonna freak when she finds out I’m gay
But I can clearly understand what she sees in me
Because have Du ever met someone this perfectly

I used to live in Phoenix, but now moved to this rainy place
I keep whining about it and I always have the same expression on my face
I’m just a little girl who’s helpless...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Close your eyes and try to sleep
Don’t let these words disturb your dreams
Don’t think about the pain Du have caused
For there is nothing Du ever did wrong

Make a wish and pray it will come true
Because what Du did will come back to you
Let these words sink into your brain
For this is for everything Du ever did wrong

Are Du happy
To make people run away from you
Are Du satisfied
When Du make a girl feel blue
Are Du proud of yourself
When Du make a girl crawl back in her shell
Now, all Du bitches, Du gotta tell me
Are Du happy

Open your eyes and look inside yourself
How would Du feel if someone...
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posted by HaleyDewit
I'm funny,I'm cheerful,I can make Du smile
I would do anything for you,I'd walk a thousand miles
But Du killed the sparkle in my eyes
When Du started to tell all your lies
So grab your stuff and leave my life
I won't be the one to sacrifice

Turn around and take a very good look
'Cause you'll never see me again
You can give it your very best shot
But I'll never let Du in
So walk away and leave my life
I won't be the one to sacrifice

I'm broken,I'm sad,I wanna make Du cry
I'm a mess,I confess,I want Du to tell me why
I wanna push Du through hell,like Du did with me
I wanna cause Du pain,so bad you...
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posted by HaleyDewit
They say we should stick together
Create a chain and never let go
But I’m not gonna act like a hypocrite
‘Cause I’m fed up with your over-dramatic show
Your criticism doesn’t make any sense
It’s nothing but a bunch of crap
And I doubt I’m on my own in this one
I think a lot of people will Bestätigen that

You wanna start a fight?
Let’s not hesitate
But I’m not the one to underestimate
You wanna start a war?
Let’s have it started
But I won’t be the one left broken hearted

You must be so frustrated
You must be filled with hatred
Living with only a brain cell oder two
Knowing you’ll never fit...
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posted by HaleyDewit
It's a beautiful day
Sun is shining on a bright sky
How could we ask for more?
But still I 'm wondering
How can they act like this?
Are they shutting their eyes for this emptyness?

And now I need to face it alone
I need to make it on my own

So don't cry
Everything will be all right
You've gotta live your life
You need to let it go
So don't cry
Give them your little smile
Hide the tears in your eyes
About the pain they don't need to know

It's a wonderful day
People smile and are happy
How couldn't this be enough?
But still I ask myself
How can they pretend like this?
Are they running away from this darkness.

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