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Here are two poems i wrote a while ago, one was out of anger towards my sister and the other one was self loathing (i was having a bad Tag i'm not always like that)

I’m sick of these tears
That drip upon my face
With my head held low
I feel like a disgrace
I’m sick of all these arguments
Where only I get hurt
Not just Von your words
Which are always so curt
But because I’m the one
Who's always in trouble
If it takes two to tango
How come the trouble isn’t double
Enough about the arguments
I have Mehr to address
Because the way Du treat me
Is just a mess
You have rules
And that’s fine with me
But what...
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Chapter 5
The princess
Of Destiny

    I woke up to the glare of the morning sun shining in from a window. I was laying down, so I sat up and felt my a pile of heu, hay beneath me. I had a terrible headache and couldn’t remember a thing. I looked beside me and there was Link, laying down and looking at the ceiling.
    “Hey Link,” I said, “what happened?”
    “Well, Ashley, Du decided to run your mouth when some guard arrested us and they gave Du what Du deserved,” Link sagte harshly.
    It sort of came back...
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Be sure to watch the whole video.
word game
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Source: Me and paint.
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"Beep,beep,beep," was all heard when I woke up. I can't stand alarm clocks, but since my mother and siblings refuse to wake me up in the morning because they're "allergic to sunlight" I have to use one. As I rolled over to turn my alarm off I heard a crinkling sound coming from underneath me, like the sound of paper being balled up. After my alarm was off and I was sitting up, I looked down, sure enough there was a note addressed to me that I had rolled onto. It was in my mother's handwriting, which only meant one thing, we were moving again.
I can't believe it, I thought we had finally found...
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A/N: This poem/song was inspired Von two things: 1) A few of my Favorit Anime couples, namely Ed x Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist and Hoshino x Tanabe from Planetes. And 2) while my dad was in Iraq, he heard "My Immortal" for the first time and sagte he loved the idea behind it...but it was too sad/depressing because "the chorus was in past tense instead of present tense." So he asked me if maybe I could take the same concept and do my own thing with it. I guess this is it. XD Depending on how Du look at it, this could be a close friendship, a romance oder something in-beteen.

I wasn't really...
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the best friends

my best Friends are in my hart
we could never be apart nomadder
how far away they may live
they always give
me Guter Rat and hope when i need it
and when i throw a fit
there there to muschel me down
i am always bown
to them because they care
and they are always fair
my Friends are sweet and nice and very helpful and when i need a hand
there never band
to help me oder Zeigen me the way
and every Tag i think of them
they are my best Friends and i need them!

thanks so much kirkir and amazingme97 Du guys are the kind of Friends everybody whants to have
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The roar of the cafeteria was getting out of hand. Some teens screaming in horror. Others encouraging the fight. Some just speechless. i tried my hardest to push through the crowd to see what was going on. I heard the chanting of kids saying “FightFight!” Along with my best friend’s name somewhere in there in that chant. Matthew never learned. Matthew is my best friend and he can never seem to stop and think before doing something. He speaks his mind too quickly and always thinks that people should either put up oder shut up. I’m not surprised that he would think that, I mean boys will...
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