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posted by HaleyDewit
It's a beautiful day
Sun is shining on a bright sky
How could we ask for more?
But still I 'm wondering
How can they act like this?
Are they shutting their eyes for this emptyness?

And now I need to face it alone
I need to make it on my own

So don't cry
Everything will be all right
You've gotta live your life
You need to let it go
So don't cry
Give them your little smile
Hide the tears in your eyes
About the pain they don't need to know

It's a wonderful day
People smile and are happy
How couldn't this be enough?
But still I ask myself
How can they pretend like this?
Are they running away from this darkness.

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A biography on Anne Frank

BookWriter (MH)


    On June 12, 1929, Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Her older sister, Margot Frank, was born on February 16, 1926. These two Jewish sisters had many differences. Margot was shy, to herself, mellow, quiet, caring, and intelligent. She was also very mature. Anne, on the other hand, was talkative, adventurous, lively, curious, misunderstood, and was very outgoing.
    Through Anne’s eyes, Margot was smarter, quieter, prettier, and Mehr grown-up than herself. The two sisters...
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This a video i found on Youtube and I thought it was a good video for the spot Video made by:"xsunnychristinax" on Youtube
posted by BuffyFaithFan1

CAN Du TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF?" My mom asked me at the front door.
"Mom, I'll be fine!" I told her.
"Are Du sure? I can stay Home with Du and Jared if Du want." She asked again, and this time it sounded like she was hoping I'd say "no, don't go...stay here with me and tuck me into bett and tell me stories to go to sleep to."
"Mom, go! Have a great time! We will be fine!" I sagte and Jared shook his head in approval.
"Alright!" She sagte and she kissed my forhead once more, did the same to Jared, and then out the door to her taxi that awaited her she went. Jared...
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posted by SMackedLove
 My black rose
My black rose

I am not nice but I feel.
I wonder but I don't know
what about.
I hear people talking but I never know what they say.
I see many thinks but never know what I'm looking at.
I want people to look to the past but not dwell on it.
I pretend to be something I'm not.
I fell things i cant see.
I touch and the smoothest things feel rough.
I worry that the Tag will never end.
I cry but tears never come.
I understand that not ever ones the same.
I say something i don't mean.
I dream but only see blackness.
I hope that someday someone we'll see through my shield I put up and see me.
I am not nice but i feel.
I am who I am!
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posted by Gabstaaa
Ok Guys! First story ever. Please dont be kind. Tell whats wrong with it and if Du like it oder not. This is just to see how many people will read it.

The bright and blinding light streamed through the gap in the curtains. The light woke Mary as it shined proudly on her pale, white morning face. She rolled over only to see an empty Weltraum in the double bed. She was used to this but every morning she just couldn’t resist the nagging temptation to check if her loving husband was there waiting for her to wake. If only he was there with his soft karamellbonbon, butterscotch eyes and her favourite crooked smile...
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posted by UnderdogAsh
Chapter 6
Guess Who’s coming
To Dinner?

    When I was unconscious, I had a weird dream. In this dream, Lux and I found a piece of the Triforce ourselves, but the dreieck was upside down, compared to how the other two were on the Triforce. I decided to touch this piece, which exploded into a surge of electricity and all that electricity went into me. I looked down at my right hand and the full Triforce was on it, but only the middle was glowing.
    Suddenly, Zelda and Link appeared and their hands, Zelda’s right and Link’s left, were glowing and they...
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Playwright's Note: I wrote this as an exercise for my playwriting class in archetypal characters. Feel free to critique. My class helped me fix it up a little. Hope Du enjoy!

Explaining Neurosurgery To Six-Year-Olds With ADD

The Devil, well-dressed in a black suit, red tie. A businessman.
God, a laid back man in Bermuda shorts.
Lucy, the Devil’s assistant.
Jesus, God’s son. Hippy-esque.

[SETTING: A park. Any park. And a chess table. God and The Devil are casually playing each other.]

Long day.

Long day.

Anything interesting happen up in your end?

We got a politician...
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A Writer’s Imagination Usually Comes From Isolation As A Child Von Markus Redmond via
doogie howser md
Why Do People Get Mad When Artists Sell Out? via
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Screenwriting Analysis That Can Help Du Improve Your Screenplay Von Michael Hauge & Mark W. Travis via linkMore video interviews at link
famous authors
posted by HaleyDewit
I’ve got something to say
But it’s best to keep it away
Pretending to be made of concrete
But Du caused the cracks to show
Now I can’t hide them anymore
And I need Du to feel how I feel

I’m tiptoeing around the subject
‘Cause I’m too afraid to be rejected

And Du don’t see
What it’s like for me
Wanted this for so long
And now I can’t have it
And Du don’t know
How it’s to feel so small
I’ve waited for so long
But I still can’t have it

I’ve got something on my mind
But it’s best to keep it inside
Pretending my eyes aren’t shedding tears
But Du caused the tears to flow
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posted by HaleyDewit
I never thought I’d see the light
After all the times I died
But I found a reason to be alive
And now I can’t help but smile all the time

But there’s dilemma in my heart
And it’s tearing me apart
But even though we’ll never be together
I’ll Liebe Du forever

I can’t remember if I have ever felt this way before
It’s been too long
It was gone
But Du brought it back once more
And even if our lives never intertwine
I won’t erase Du from my mind
I’ve hurt enough
I choose love
To end my endless torture

I always believed I’d stay in the dark
Holding the pieces of my broken heart
But I found a...
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posted by HaleyDewit
I’m quiet on the outside
An all-wrecking, raging storm on the inside
I can’t speak,
Because I fear I can only produce inhuman cries
But my inner screams overwhelm any external sound
I don't blame Du for not seeing behind my hollow eyes
I don't blame Du for not hearing anything but silence
And I don't blame Du for not feeling my herz breaking in my chest, over and over again
But I wish Du would just hold me, and tell me I'll be okay.
That somehow, this all-consuming pain is not going to kill me.
That I will come out of this, stronger.
I wish I could distance myself from this destruction,
But I belong in the center of the hurricane
Because I need this pain, like I need oxygen
So, let my ravel in my agony,
Without it I am nothing
posted by OfmiceandDes
Hi, My name is Tanya
Nobody knows anything about me. They have a good reason though: In my entire life, I haven't spoken a single word
People call me many things: Weirdo, freak, attention getter, and I just let it all sink in. I let all the bad thoughts store up inside me until I lose it. Don't think I can't talk, I just choose not to. Nobody seems to care for what I have to say. If Du are lucky, Du will hear a sound com from my mouth, but never any words.
My name is Tanya
I look like your typical 15 Jahr old girl. My hair is light brown with blonde highlights. I'm not fat, but I'm not too...
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posted by CrimsonDeath14
Chapter 1:The begaining

It started with the fighting,the endless fighting.It was mid Febuary 2001 when a couple with a small boy and another child on the way,split.They had been aurguing for hours on end and the husband,Jason,decided to leave and live with a friend for a while.While the wife,Sandra,cried and wept to no avail Jason left.Jason had contracted pnemonia and was placed in a hospital only days after his fight with Sandra.Sandra was also in the hospital but for a different reason,she had gegeben birth to a girl named Emily.And that was the begaining of Emily's life,a life full of sadness and missery that will come to a halt and be cut short Von the evil hands of fate and the mind.
posted by juliet98
Julia beacame a women when she was 12. After she felt powerless for the first time in her little life. It was a sunny day, but in the hearts of the people it was dark. The country was entering in the war, and many youth had to prepare for the battle. Julia and her family, her mom, her dad, and her brother were having lunch. they were silent, Julia behaved badly, she argued with her brother and wanted him to desappear. Suddenly somebody knocked on the door. Her dad opened it and came back in the küche with a tall man they didn't know. He was wearing a dark mantel and black boots. He talked with...
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