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cheesetothemax posted on Jun 01, 2011 at 09:43PM
You know the episode where there is an election for greendale student president? Who do you think should win? The character with the most votes gets to be forum president!
The candidates are:
vikki, 0
pierce, 0
lennard, 0
magnitude, 1 (my vote)
annie, 0
jeff, 0
starburns, 0
Britta, 0 (I believe society should not be goverened)
adam 0 (nerdy guy with allergys)
pick carefully, you can only vote once
first person to 6 votes wins!
(don't vote for south park!)

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr cheesetothemax said…
Come on people!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wateringcan said…
two words, POP POP!