kobra, cobra Kai Thoughts After Seeing 2nd kobra, cobra Kai Season 4 Trailer/Teaser

TerrySlivers posted on Aug 08, 2021 at 07:44PM
Here is a rambling list of my thoughts after watching what was overall…a badass little Teaser/Trailer. These trailers/teasers really are an art form unto themselves.
It was great to see; and we finally get an answer to what month it will aire.(barring them moving the aire date up like last time)

1.)I do have one little caveat……The San Fernando Valley isn’t really a WORLD stage is it? Forgive me for bringing it up; but I just had to say something. It’s one of those quirks I find both peculiar and amusing about the movies and the series.

2.) Sam has longer hair (I think?)

3.) Robby kept his shorter hair. (good choice)

4.) No surprise they’re trying to keep Hawk’s hair a surprise.

5.) Demetri looks badass in that gi. Binary Brother-represent!

6.) Who’s that dude in the black gi? (0.58) Robby? New character? Stunt-double?

7.) Tory slams Robby into the mat…mostly just looks like standard sparring to me.
I doubt it is connected to any major plot point.
It would be easy to write something into it…but I’m not gonna…other than to say maybe its a bit of the usual: slightly-cheesy, slighty-awkward, cobra kai, first-date teen romance stuff the writers like to do. i.e Sam and Miguel i.e Tory and Miguel
But I dunno?

8.) Spider-girl leaping buildings in a single bound in the alleyway is oh, so badass. Half the internet thinks its Sam, already. The other half thinks its Tory. I’ll bet you a 6-pack of Coors Banquet its neither. I say it is most likely new character Devon; played by Oona O’brien.

9.) The Silver Pony rides again…

10.) Damn this thing really flys by…That’s a whole lot of NEW footage in a little under 3 seconds!

Honorable Mention: Johnny Lawrence looking all Old-School ‘80’s listening to a walkman and breaking cinder blocks with his fists in a warehouse like one does on the weekends….Also badass!

What thoughts did you have?
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr yorkshire_rose said…
Oh, the teaser trailers make you want to see more ! sorry for my late reply btw ! Now we are looking forward to December and not just for Christmas *lol* !

Yeah I do think Robby looks so much better with short hair so pleased he has kept that. They are trying to keep Hawks hair a surprise but I thought it was going to be purple ? we will see ! I suppose it's 50/50 who spider girl is Tory or Sam we will see ! The Silver ponytail rides again I wonder if we cut the ponytail off he would loose his strength someone may come up with that idea and cut it off while he sleeps... we will see *lol* XD !

Johnny certainly needs a mention just for looking old school 80's !

Rambles Rule Hey *lol* XD !
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TerrySlivers said…
No Worries…
I was a little too excited by the new footage and decided to jot down my initial observations. That is pretty much all that was.

My gut instinct is telling me building jumping spider-girl is a new Cobra Kai girl character. We shall see.
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yorkshire_rose commented…
It's good to jot things down while things are fresh in your mind.I thought the same it's Mehr than likely it will be a new girl who is spider-girl.We will see :) Vor mehr als einem Jahr