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Saul_Mikoliunas posted on Jan 13, 2009 at 05:36PM
I know this is only slightly to do with CObie but that is why I am making a forum for it and not adding it to her spot, anyway link is a video of Taran on Scrubs, he is definitely my new favourite Scrubs character =P Also he is in a spoof trailer of the movie Knocked Up link.

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Saul_Mikoliunas said…
Also, link appears to be his youtube channel with six videos that were allc reated by him. The one with Cobie(Hobo Heroes) has already been added to the spot.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Saul_Mikoliunas said…
He was also in the movie I watched last night called My best Friend's Girl which ....well I thought it was awful =D but still, he was in that =D