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    I was on a big case from the E.F.P and I could not help myself from stopping Von the Night Club to see Cadence, my Sis, preform. I watched half the Zeigen then signaled to my Sis that I had to go.

    I went out and there was Rookie standing Von the Gift Shop with a girl. She asked him where he worked and he said, “The E.F.P.” then he said, “Oops ummm....I....mean....ummmm.” That's when he saw me. I stood there shaking my head.

    The girl asked Rookie if I was his girlfriend and he sagte no.

    I went over...
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1. Go to the link below.
2. Look around.
3. Have fun exploring!

I found the link on Youtube so i don't own the website. Don't click play now because it just is a blank white screen.

Du don't have to give me a Requisiten because i don't want one right now. Du can give me one, but Du don't have to.

Some old parts of the website don't work because Disney bought it for 3 hundred and 50 million.

So waddle around the old website and have memories of the old website Du love!
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time for bett puffels i sagte all my 20 puffels bounced up and down i whent to bett it was freezeing when i woke up it looked like 8:00 in the moring it was colder then when i whent to bett i opend the door but got avalaced insted it must of snowed all night i felt like i was fretting somting then i rembered pumkin was out side last night he is problie an ice sickel i opend the back door pumkin my heghog rolled in sorry punkin if i kew it would of snowed like this Du would a stayed in the for cast sagte snow but not a blizzerd i sagte smiling a giving pumken Essen he seemed happy to be inside and...
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