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posted by ambers1999
hello does ur child,friend,family member, that has clef lip im one of those people im 11 years old and mange to get around i have had 6 sugerys i have 3 great friends.if u have clef lip i can help.the last sugery was on my hip the sugery before that was on my side i know wat it is like to be midtreated Von other peopel but that has not stop my dreams of being on broadway.i have played in many school Zeigen and in the talent show.dont stop this take over part of ur life it would just make it wrost.wat the cool thing is that u can make noise out of ur nose and make water come out of thing i must tell u NEVER get the pills only the watery kind the pills are bitter and it will make u gang and maybe throw up.take this from a person who knows it all