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-So I don't get to choose the ring i have to wear the rest of my life.

-So that's it, i mean nothing witchy happened. Du know no flickering lights, no gusts of wind, have Du even done this before?

-So what do i do when i see the rabbit?

-Isn't killing cute, defenceless Tiere the first step to becoming a serial killer?

-Now Du want me to eat bunnies, and i'm kinda freaking out, ok.

-So your saying that now i'm basically an insecure, norotic, control freak on crack.

-Why are Du looking at him with your serious vampire look....I mean it's different from your worried vampire look,neither of which vary from your hey-it's-Tuesday look.
Caroline possesses the common powers and weaknesses of a vampire. She possesses superhuman strength with a undefined but well within the lower tons at least , tremendous speed which appears to the human eye as a blur , agility, superhuman senses and reflexes. She can heal from any minor wound instantly. Yet, gegeben the fact that she is a new born vampire, having lees than a few days since she was turned, Caroline is weaker than older Vampire such as Stefan and Damon. Her vampire abilities have not gained their potential however, as they are supposed to extend gegeben time. She was able to overpower Mason Lockwood, a Werewolf in human form and Tyler Lockwood another werewolf making her far Mehr powerful than Werwölfe in human right at least. Caroline also has a daylight ring, made for her Von Bonnie, that allows her to be in sunlight unharmed. Caroline lifted a heavy stone door to the tomb with little to no effort.
 Our Town Foto
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'The Vampire Diaries': Candice Accola Dishes On Caroline's Birthday, Tyler's Future, Daddy Drama

After being absent from the epic midseason premiere of "The Vampire Diaries," Caroline (Candice Accola) returns for her 18th birthday party in this week's new episode, "Our Town."

The only catch? She doesn't really feel like celebrating. Even the undead have their emotional breakdowns. And we can't really blame her. With all of the angst in Mystic Falls, we can understand why she's not in the mood to party. She is, however, in the mood for tequila, but we'll get to that later.

HuffPost TV chatted...
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Vampire Diaries' Candice Accola on
Caroline's Feelings for Klaus and Tyler's Whereabouts

The surprisingly touching birthday moment that The Vampire Diaries gave Caroline and Klaus was just the beginning. At the Originals’ fancy ball in tonight’s episode (The CW, 8/7c), the hybrid and the blonde vamp get even closer. But how does she really feel about him, and where in the world is Tyler? TVLine went to Candice Accola for answers.

TVLINE | When Du read the script for “Our Town” and saw the Klaus/Caroline scene, what was your reaction?

Even though we don’t really know what is going to...
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 Season 3 of the Vampire Diaries begins on September 15th on the CW 8/7c(8:00pm Eastern Time and 7:00pm Central Time USA).
Season 3 of the Vampire Diaries begins on September 15th on the CW 8/7c(8:00pm Eastern Time and 7:00pm Central Time USA).
Hello fellow TVD fans!We are less than a week away from episode 3x01 titled "The Birthday"and I know that the excitement is too much to handle.Lets recap a little bit ,shall we?

Waaaaaay back in May "As I Lay Dying"was one of the most anticipated episodes of season 2 and there is a reason why!Actually scrap that...There were many reasons!
1.The Ripaaaaah! - Stefan was responsible for Damon becoming a vampire in 1864 so when he found out that his brother was bitten Von a werewolf he felt obligated to find a cure.Even if [To quote Katherine Pierce in 2x22]he had to sacrifice everything including...
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posted by orkneymatrix
There is no bashing intended, simply me saying how things could be improved for my once-favourite character. Sorry in advance for any offense I may cause.

I Liebe Caroline, but she just seems a bit pointless at the moment. Her only storylines are about Liebe interests oder judging other people. Seriously. At first, she liked Stefan. To get over him, she hooked up with Damon. When he rejected her, she turned her attention to Matt. Tyler when she was with Matt. Klaus when she was with Tyler. Whenever Tyler left, Klaus was always there. He was brought in in Tyler's absence so she'd have something to...
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Okay, so Caroline has had her fair share of Liebe interests in the past. In fact, the only real storyline she had which didn't include a new man on her arm was her transition into a vampire. Am I the only one who thinks she needs something Mehr interesting to do?

Note: I am trying to be as unbiased as possible on my ship preferences, so please don't start ship wars on anything I say.

Stefan Salvatore:

Briefly, Caroline liked Stefan. And really, who wouldn't? The hot new guy? Sure, we can understand that. He rejected her though, in favour of Elena. Because really, according to Caroline, who would...
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 Caroline and Tyler KISS
Caroline and Tyler kiss
When Tyler was being cursed she wanted to help him. Though Damon demanded her not to keep any closer relationship, she did. But Tyler understood the Tag at the Masquerade ball incident, Caroline knows something about him. Then he persuaded her several times to reveal the truth. Even though she rejects formally, when Tyler asked whether she is a werewolf, Caroline sagte she is a vampire after a skirmish. When he asked whether there are any Vampire she sagte 'no', being scared of Damon. In Katerina she reveals to Stefan what she told to Tyler. She is quite understandable of Tyler and feels sorry...
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We've teased some of our Favorit "Vampire Diaries" cast members before about the possibility of a musical episode (hey, everybody's doing it!), but we never thought we'd actually see a Mystic Falls resident break into song. Thursday's Feb. 24 episode, "The House Guest," proves us wrong when Caroline takes the stage in an adorable attempt to win Matt back.

When Zap2it last spoke with executive producer Julie Plec, she made us some promises. "In the last episode before we go away for hiatus, there's a really great Matt and Caroline moment that I think will make Du very happy," she teased. As...
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The Vampire Diaries' Caroline Forbes is blonde, beautiful and a hoot to watch as she navigates through teen life as a newly turned bloodsucker. Candice Accola, who plays the undead beauty queen, explains it all for us.

TV Guide Magazine: Why is Caroline Mehr likable as a vampire?

Accola: Caroline started out as a narcissistic, queen-bee bitch. What's so much fun is that in vampire form, she's trying to figure it all out. If she gives in to her own selfish needs as a vampire, people die.

TV Guide Magazine: Sort of a vamp coming-of-age story?

Accola: [Laughs] She's grown up a lot since she's been...
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