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Hey guys! Sorry it took me a little while to finish this. I have been busy. but I finished. I hope Du enjoy.
Keep the cardcaptor Liebe alive. xo

Chapter 19:

“KASEY!?” Sakura shouted.

She had been chasing him since he left but he must of had used his powers to run a tad Mehr faster than her. She wasn’t stupid though, she knew where he was headed. She just hoped she could get there before it was too late.

“FLY!” she shouted.

Her staff grew beautiful wings and was all ready for her to climb aboard.

She quickly climbed aboard and started to fly high above into the air, heading towards Li’s...
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Hey guys.
I worked very hard on this chapter.
Hope u enjoy. xo

Chapter 13:

Finally tomorrow came and everyone was pumped to go see the new pool that had taken place up street. They heard the pool took up the whole room and that there were over 5 waterslides that hung above the ceiling. It was a new project and it had only come out last week. Everyone was talking about it and this would be the perfect opportunity to get Felicia out of her little depressed mode and to get her to have some fun.
It was hard to get her off the sofa and to actually go with them but Kasey knew if waterslides were involved...
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Hey Cardcaptor fans! I am back with some big and rich news concerning the possiblity of getting Cardcaptors to DVD once more.

If any of Du are familar with Shout Factory! a company that makes stuff of numerous proportions, than Du may know what this Artikel is about. I have just signed myself on their site and have gepostet three replys and one fourm post concerning Shout Factory owning the rights to making the Nelvana version of Cardcaptors coming to DVD format again, but hopfully with the way we all wish it would have happend- with all episodes inlcuded (none left out), special and great...
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NOTE: The following story was only written for a good friend of mine. I wanted to inform anyone on this in case they are wondering.

The Cruise of Dreams: A Romantic Story
By: Kasey Enloe

In the Home of the Avalon’s, Sakura was still sleeping. The crystal, clear sun beamed through the windows in her room. They blinded her as she slowly rose up from the bed. “What a beautiful morning.” She sagte while opening moving the curtains out of the way. She then looked down at the console on her window and smiled. She was staring at a beautiful, red rose.

What made this pot and rose special was that...
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Hello Cardcaptor fans! This Artikel is my personal review about this great Anime series as well as the story of how it all went and started. I hope Du enjoy it.

"Cardcaptors" is the Titel of the English adaption of a japanese series called "Cardcaptor Sakura". Though the Japan version is popular, the English version does desrve some credit as well. They have after all tried delvering the series to America's culture and I think they have done a great job at it.

Anyway, the Cardcaptors version was made Von the Canadian company Nelvana, which also made a lot of other children's series as well as...
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NOTE: The following story was only written for a good friend of mine. I wanted to inform anyone on this in case they are wondering.

Felicia and Li’s Big Date: Part 2 the Finale

By: Kasey Enloe

Li was lying on oben, nach oben of her, for at which she was passed out. “Oh my gosh! What did I do?!” He sagte with panic. His forehead started dripping with sweat while the palms of his hands were also sweating. His eyes were paused with alarm as a reaction of shock filled them. Felicia meanwhile was lying on the floor. Her eyes were closed but her mouth remained opened- not too wide. “What have I just done?!”...
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Wow Guys! It's good to be back! Sorry for my absence. I really was having a hard time in my personal life but now everything is fixed and I will be making new chapters as promised as soon as I can. I worked really hard on this comeback. I am really happy with it. I think it's one of my longest chapters. Enjoy xo.

Warning: Things are getting Mehr intense, so there might be some PG rated stuff. Nothing to serious though, haha.

Chapter 26 :

Felicia and Kasey were just laying down on a nice rainy day. It had been a few days since their last adventure and they were both pooped.

Kasey was just watching...
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Hey guys. I think this could be one of my longest chapter yet. hehe I enjoyed Schreiben it. enjoy and keep the cardcaptor spirit alive xo.

Chapter 21:

Felicia was in panic. She didn’t know what to do. Everywhere she looked there was ice; even people were covered in it. They looked like Frozen statues that have been randomly put all over the town for display.

Felicia watched in caution as the large, mole-like creature continued to march over towards her. Suddenly many other smaller versions of the creature came running right at her in all different directions.

“What is going on?! What do Du want...
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Hey guys:)
Here's chapter 5.
Enjoy. xo

Chapter 5

A Girl with fearsome eyes and long black hair with rosa tails came running towards Li.

“Li , how could Du just run off like that without me! “ She whined, holding on to Li’s arm with all her might.

Li let out a grown as Meilin continued to hug his arm like it was some kind of animal.

Felicia stared at the girl who was all over Li. For some reason she felt uneasy.

“Meilin let go.” Li complained while shaking her off.

Meilin just continued to smile at him while pinching his cheeks.

“Meilin... what are Du doing here?” Sakura asked.
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Audeinces everywhere, I would like to announce the grand annocument of my very first Cardcaptors fanfic, "Lost Friends".

In this story, Sakura has a weird feeling of magical powers lurking around in her side of the town. It even becomes worse when her best friend, pet, and guardian beast partner, Kasey, has rabies, which causes him to loose all of his powers and puts him in a rampage. Can Sakura ever find a way to get her best friend back?

I don't know yet when I am planning on making this story, but I am planning to start working on it very soon. Until now, I hope Du guys will look vorwärts-, nach vorn to this story.
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*Keep in mind that the following fanfic is written Von myself- so notice that the text maybe different.^^*

The Weiter Tag had soon arrived. As the sun shined over the beautiful city, Kasey has just woken up. He wanted to make breakfest before Felicia awoke too. Just when he was about to start, the phone rang.

Kasey: *Quickly answered the phone* Hello?

Sakura: Good morning Kasey. I am very sorry if I woke Du at a bad time.

Kasey: No, no not at all. I was just about to make breakfest before Felicia woke up. *Slowly turns his head to the bett to make sure she didn't wake up*

Sakura: That's so sweet....
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After working so hard for the past couple of days, I have finally got EVERY episode to Zeigen up on this spot and I am proud to say that the episodes are now opend to be viewd on this spot Von all! =D

Du can now start watching Sakura's greatest adventure on how she became a Cardcaptor at first and then becoming known as Master of the Clow. Meet Madison, Li, Melin, Kero, and the rest of the gang as Du experince thorugh these episodes like never before! Now in high quality and in the correct episodic order.

So, for all Du Cardcaptor fans, come on down to the video spot and start your own Cardcaptors adventure marathon like never before! =D